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Cheetah In August is an American drama television series created by Anthony Bawn for Vimeo On Demand that debuted on August 25, 2015. A former track star, August Chandler (aka “Cheetah”) struggling with his identity discovers that he possesses a power to heal through the acts of sex. His distorted views on love, negatively affects the people closest to him. The journey of the main character, August, from his high school years into adult life is extremely interesting and current to the times of today. Sexuality, love, religion, psychology, and self-hate are all themes that are touched on throughout this series and it definitely raises awareness to societal issues that are often swept under the rug. This project is allowing people to come face to face with situations that happen on a daily basis. Oftentimes, when people are dealing with personal issues they tend to harbor their feelings because they fear being judged. I want people to realize the negative affects that this can cause in hopes that someone watching can find the courage to seek help and break free.


Introducing “BawnTv


from BawnTv – LGBT Original Films and Tv ShowsBawnTv is a New online streaming platform that provides an outlet to LGBTQ content creators of color. We specialize in producing original scripted, non-scripted series, and films. We have partnered with all of the major distributors of gay films and tv series to bring to you “BawnTv.”  Over the next few weeks we will be adding new Series, Films and Documentaries to the platform for subscribers!

BawnTv offers it’s creators a 45% revenue share with 5% going to marketing the content streaming on the platform in order to keep our content creators working!

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