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Delivering it for the partygoer, Tylan is showing us just how much he has grown up since the release of ‘My Type.’ With the release of ‘Throw Dat,’ Tylan presents a sound of rhythmic beats with hints of bounce and club layered with his effortless vocals. Tylan is claiming his stake in the industry and showing that it’s his time.

“Throw Dat” is encouraging ladies to dance, be free, and enjoy their life … while throwing it at the same time! This instant playlist addition is a fun, vibrant jam you can enjoy out at the club or bar with friends, at the beach, or at your cookout and sing along to. It’s time to have fun again with the music, it’s time for us to have fun again when we go outside, no stressing, no fussing, no fighting, just great vibes and letting the good times roll… So ladies, throw dat…Respectfully.

Now that you have had the chance to fall in love with ‘Throw Dat,’ let me take you beyond the music as we catch up with Tylan and get into his business.

Where are you from? Washington D.C.

What was it like growing up in DC? Growing up in DC was hard. I saw many of my close family members and friends lose their lives. I saw my community being torn down by drugs and violence in the streets, which caused my mom to not let me go outside for most of my childhood. I can’t even remember going outside to enjoy myself without looking over my shoulder until I moved to the suburbs. Now in 2022, DC is back on the rise and is being cleaned up, but for me as a kid it was tough.

When did you first fall in love with music? I would say I fell in love with music at the early ages of 2-3. I came out of the womb singing and dancing to Usher and remember wanting to be just like him.

How long have you been in the industry? I’ve been developing myself as an artist and trying to perfect my craft for the past 4 years now.

What first drew you to pursue a career in music? The thing that drew me to pursue my career in music was simply just my curiosity to see if this would be the thing for me. I would sing in middle school for the girls and all my friends told me that I should consider making a career out of it. Now I’m 4 years in and couldn’t imagine me doing anything else.

Tell us about your latest release “Throw Dat,” and what inspired you to choose this track as the newest single. “Throw Dat” came into fruition because I wanted to create an upbeat catchy song to get all the ladies off their feet and dance. TikTok is running the world right now, and I really believe that “Throw Dat” can be one of the next big dance trends on the platform.

Being that “Throw Dat” is a Party and Dance track all in one, what mood were you trying to set with the track? I wanted to promote good vibes and good times. It seems like we’re just about past the pandemic, so I just want to get people back outside enjoying themselves and living carefree.

Compared to your true-to-core R&B track “Twist It,” what made you decide to hit us with a new side of you on “Throw Dat?” Just to display my versatility, to show that there is plenty more to me as an artist than just ballads and love songs.

What do you think of the state of the industry in 2022? I think music is in the best place it’s ever been in! Thanks to the gift of technology and social media, you can find different artists and different types of music right there at your fingertips. Every day there is new music dropping that people can find and enjoy. It may be harder and take a little longer to make your mark and really build a name for yourself because it’s so much music out there, but it gives everyone an opportunity to get their music out there.

Who do you think is the most influential artist at this time and why? In my opinion, the most influential artist of this time would have to be Drake. Whenever this man drops, he’s doing legendary numbers to the point where no one even wants to drop on the same day as him. He was also just named the artist of the decade for the 2010s and he’s still going strong. I hope one day God blesses me with the same type of success Drake has been blessed to see for years.

If you could Collab with ANY Artist, Dead or Alive, who would it be and why? This is a very long list, but if I had to narrow it down to one artist, because of the times we live in, it would have to be Drake. If you get a feature from Drake or if he stamps you, he’ll literally put you on the map. Manifesting, we’ll knock out some songs together in 2023!

How do you think you differ from others in your genre? I believe my versatility and my ability to really be vulnerable in my music makes me different from others trying to do what I do. I believe I can hop on any track and do my thing as long as I feel it.

Take us back to young Tylan. What was the first album you purchased? I can’t say that I’ve ever purchased an album physically as a child, I grew up in the era of downloading and streaming. I believe the first album I ever downloaded was “The Essential Michael Jackson” when I was about 6 years old.

What’s your favorite song at the moment? Right now I think my favorite song has to be “Wait For You” by Future featuring Drake & Tems. ATL Jacob went crazy on the production, Future and Drake both gave great verses, and Tem’s vocals just complement the track so well. Might be the song of the year!

What’s one thing that you live by? A phrase that has really resonated with me recently is, “Just because you don’t see anything happening, doesn’t mean God’s not working.”

What other hobbies or interests do you have outside of music and the world of Entertainment? Outside of music, my favorite hobbies are playing video games, hooping, and enjoying a good meal.

Tell us what the fans can expect from you in the coming months. I have a mixtape dropping on Halloween entitled “My Perspective” that I’m super excited for everyone to hear.

For others embarking on their artistic journey, what are some words of advice or encouragement you would give them as they take their early steps? Don’t compare where you are right now to where your peers are. You have no idea how long it took them and what they had to go through to get to where they are now. Social media has a way of making people believe that stuff happens overnight, and that is just not true! To really break through in this industry and make a name for yourself as a new artist, it takes time and work. You can’t skip steps in this business!

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