Inside “Mirrors” with Nivea

Some of the Atlanta Tastemakers gathered last night to get a sample of the new project by Atlanta Native, R&B Songstress, Nivea.

The event was held at a private venue and afforded Nivea the opportunity to get up close and personal with the attendees and really allow us to feel all she was bringing. Serving as the Executive Producer on the project, Playboy Dre was in the building and helped to deliver the feel of each track as well. This duo has truly created a body of work that has some staple tracks that will make you lose track of time.

Nivea walked in to a Red Carpet filled with flashing lights and videos rolling. As she slayed in her all silver dress with a bawdy for the Gawdzzzzzzz, you can tell the singer was in a place of pure joy and this is definately her time.

Taking it to the chair, host Kierra M. welcomed Nivea and set the tone for what would be expected for the night. Oh yeah, #ShesReady!

Track by track, Nivea expressed the meaning behind the music. Allowing us to understand where she was in her life as she poured her heart out on to the paper and created this true to her core work of art.

It can be concluded by the music that Mirrors is a project 15 years in the making. From heartache to Turn Up to Solitude and all other feelings in-between, Mirrors presents a handcrafted crafted tracklist that is for everyone to enjoy and vibe to. Nivea breaks the rules when it comes to making music for one demographic as she executes a project fitting for all walks of life and life experiences.

Take a listen as she gives some insight on some of the songs.

Mirrors Tracklist:

1. Ride With Me (D.Barnett, N.Nash)

2. Soul Ties (feat. PlayBoy Dre) (A.Armour, A.Hill, A.Reed, N.Nash)

3. Suicide (GMG, N.Nash)

4. Circles (J.Bryant, N.Nash, A.Williams)

5. Where Were You (Bedrock, N.Nash, C.Qualls)

6. Away (D.Luke, N.Nash)

7. Even More (D.Luke, N.Nash)

8. Flower Power (N.Nash, E.Sutton, J.Wells, S.Wimberly)

9. Think They Know (D.Ford, N.Nash, E.Sutton)

10. I Should’ve Known (D.Barnett, A.Hill, N.Nash)

11. Brave (A.Hill, D.Lindsey, N.Nash) 

12. I Was Good (4FP, G.Dowdy, N.Nash)

13. Diamonds (W.Cason, N.Nash, J.Reed

“Mirrors” is Available Now on Tidal and Google Play Music. It hits ALL other Digital Platforms on October 1st.

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