I said Brrr it’s Cold in here!

Fashion that is LITERALLY Cool



Loving fashion is just a part of who they are!

When it comes to fashion you know RAmag must always be in the know. I love how technology has allowed for the fashion industry to reach higher heights. The ladies behind the genius of “Brrr” are a true testament of this factor.

Their friends call them MC and Tosha.  They’ve built their careers in the fashion industry helping to build global, billion-dollar brands.  Together they share the dream of disrupting the thinking that clothing, accessories, and bedding embody warmth.  People are demanding performance from their fashion: a desire for technology, bells and whistles, fully loaded protection, and a promise.  These ladies aren’t aiming to dress robots; of course, Tosha’s three boys would think that was totally awesome!  MC’s little girls would prefer princesses please!  These Fashion Geniuses are dressing real people in garments that have a hidden utility to cool.  

Lately this dynamic duo has been very busy as they’re both the mother of twins and each have a singleton to boot as the caboose of the family trains!  Their normal is just that—ours.  They have found their truest joy in the work it takes to raise a family, birth a company, and take the everyday grind in stride to keep all happy, prosperous and healthy.

Inside The Magic of Brrr!

Cooling, Wicking, UV Protection

It’s our Secret Recipe…Patent Pending and oh-so-cool!  It’s all about the cooling yarn technology spun with numerous secret ingredients.  Brrr! is all-natural, permanent, and super soft.  We demand the softest, finest-quality yarn. You’ll discover our fabric has the “coolest” touch on the market and is “Powered by Air” as you wear…let the air flow through to regenerate your cool.

If a burst of intense cold is your desire, house any of our Wrap styles in a Brrr! CoolClutch and experience a surge of cool throughout your day.



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