I.K.P. “MAGiC!”

Emcee/spoken word artist/producer I.K.P. (Infamous King of Positivity) presents “MAGiC!”, his new single produced by Swanny River from In Positivity We Trust: I.K.P. 4 President, Pt. 2, out now. Born in the East New York section of Brooklyn, New York and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, I.K.P. is a rapper and head of Reigning Positivity Music as well as a veteran of the U.S. Marines. I.K.P.’s previous releases include Executive Realness: The Extended Play Suite,Executive Realness: Suite Independence, I . K . P. 4 President Part 1: E Pluribus Unum and [IGNORING] the [KNOWN] [PROTOCOL] (listen on Bandcamp). I.K.P. recently released a visual for Executive Realness single “No Mention” (Youtube). “Up until this ‘MAGiC!’, I had been known to my core audience as a rap artist who had a message to deliver and I think really the only sides people saw from me was that I was passionate about social causes and that I wasn’t afraid to be different,” says I.K.P. “Then Swanny River, my producer and mentor, had this track and I thought, this would be the perfect chance to switch my style up and give a vibe that was still compliments my personality, but gives room for a little more fun. All I can say is, so many different styles of rap inspire me. You get a little West Coast, a little Memphis, a little Texas, a little New York, a little of my hometown, thats the 757 Area (DMV), throw it in a blender and this came out.”

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