Holiday Wishes For Those Who Can Not Be Home For The Holidays! Rob George

Holiday Wishes for all those in the armed forces! Country singer Rob Georg is set to release a brand new song for the Holiday Season. A song that tugs on the heartstrings like many do this time of year and harkens back to some of the great happy holiday tunes that were put out during WW2,  “When I Make It Home For Christmas” is undoubtly to become a timeless Holiday Classic~!

From Rob himself: “ The inspiration and heartfelt holiday message behind it all: ”It was in spring 2019 when Kristin K. Smith and Rob Georg asked themselves the following question: Does the world need another Christmas Song? After weighing up the pros and cons for some days, the answer was a clear yes. But it had to be something different, their plan was to think out of the box when starting this special project.

They came up with the idea to write this song out of a soldier’s perspective, far away from home, on foreign ground, missing his or her loved ones and dreaming of being home for celebrating Christmas together with them.

Writer, producer and vocal coach Kristin K. Smith had an ace up her sleeve. She asked no other than Corey Lee Barker, NACMAI songwriter of the year 2012, to join the project and give his incredibly skillful Christmas Song talent into the song.

The team worked for several weeks and came up with a totally different Christmas Song in the end. A song, that delivers a Christmas feel on one hand, but also includes a “Thanks for your service” vibe on the other, honoring the women and men in uniform, who sacrifice so much, sometimes everything, to protect our freedom.

Though the 3 writers know that their Christmas Wish will not be fulfilled for every soldier, they do hope that as many modern day heroes as possible may have a peaceful Christmas at home with their families and friends. And for all the others, who will not make it home for the holidays, stay safe and have a Merry Christmas, wherever you are. And for those who gave everything, we will never forget!

Maybe you can also invite a veteran to join you and your family for having dinner on Christmas Eve. We owe them a lot, we owe them our freedom, we owe them that we can celebrate in peace, make them part of it, it’s Christmas, it’s the time to show love and to give back. 

Merry Christmas!”

Rob Georg is bringing Country Music to new Heights combining Country music with that Americana folk style infused with Rock!  Rob gives a very German take on Country Music, as his songs reveal it’s all about storytelling in a way to draw people in and let them experience the lyrics on a personal level. Rob finds  a way to connect to those who hear his music. His vocal and guitar talents have a Keith Urban-esque appeal, even if you’re not a huge country music fan, you’ll be taken in. Rob not only puts out Country Music that will draw you in, but he lives the life, a former equestrian athlete, he lives with his 9 dogs, 50 sheep, a herd of Angus cattle and 2 dozen horses at last count.