Hailey Baldwin and Jason Kennedy Hilariously Prank Call Kendall Jenner

Lets take it back to middle school when life was grand and we had no cares in the world.

During E Networks sit-down interview with Hailey Baldwin, E! News’ Jason Kennedy and the model decided to have a little fun with the familiar names in her phone.

Hailey-Baldwin-Street-StyleThe first attempt to pull a fast one backfired when Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson didn’t pick up her phone (Jason still left a voice mail, though), however, we were given an even greater gift…

Kendall Jenner was calling Hailey! There it is. It’s go-time.

Jason put on his A-game and pretended to be an Uber driver while Baldwin covered her face to keep from laughing too loud. “The woman who was just in my Uber left her phone and I’m trying to get it back to her,” Kennedy told Kendall. “I was wondering if there was some way we could go about getting the phone back to her.”

Jenner asked where he dropped her off and told him, “OK, can you keep the phone safe? I’m gonna call the phone of someone she may be with. I’m gonna call you back.”

When Jason, er, the Uber driver, questioned the name “Ken” that came up on the phone, Kendall slickly responded, “Yeah that’s my boyfriend. I’m calling from my boyfriend’s phone. My name’s Rachel.”

Ooooooh, Kendall! The pair hung up and Baldwin burst into laughter, and although it was extremely hilarious, Hailey felt bad for pranking her girl and called Kendall to tell her what just happened.

“I hate you guys! Did I not play it off pretty good though?,” Kendall laughed, and explained the whole “Rachel” name-drop. “I have no idea, it was the first thing that came to mind. At the end of it, I was like wait am I being f–ked with? Sorry, am I not allowed to curse?”

LOL, it’s all good, Kendall.

When talking about her friendships with fellow young stars, Hailey tells E! News, “I think we all kinda come from a similar background. Essentially, our families are already in the industry, it’s not very hard for young people in the industry to get connected and become friends and find common ground with each other. It’s actually quite normal. We all just connected and became close.”

And when they hang out, it’s really nothing too crazy. “We do what anybody else would do. We sit and we watch movies, and we hang, we order food, we laugh and we talk. Nothing out of the ordinary. Normal teenagers.”

Watch the clip below to hear more about Baldwin’s Marie Claire interview, and tune in to E! News tonight at 7 p.m. & 11 p.m. to see more of her interview!

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