Good Trouble Makers Present the First Annual Unicorn PARTy in honor of bi awareness month

Produced by Good Trouble Makers, the event will take on September 14th from 5 pm to 9 pm at The Bootleg Theatre 2220 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90057. 

Unicorn pARTy, is a 21+ evening of art, dance, music, and revelry celebrating love for more than one gender. Hosted by Miss Barbie Q, Unicorn pARTy includes inVISIBLE, a dance theatre work directed by Kai Hazelwood featuring recorded stories from real bi+ people, a musical line up of some of LA’s best bi+ artists and bands like VATTICA and Cindy Jollota, and a queer craft market curated by Queerdo by Kiki.  

This is the only multimedia art party featuring an all bi+ line up in LA! Kai has a clear message: Bi+ community absolutely exists; it is vibrant and beautiful, with rich stories and artists. 

It is also a diverse and inclusive community:  bi+ refers to all non-monosexual identities. The definition of bisexual is trans-inclusive: Attraction to more than one gender, not attraction to men and women as is commonly believed.

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The Bi Task Force has worked hard to have an annual art event in honor of Bi Pride month, but decided to end it after last year. It made sense to create something to take the baton and continue their work. After receiving a grant from the California Institute of Contemporary Arts to produce inVISIBLE the dance theatre work, Good Trouble Makers approached #stillbisexual and The American Institute of Bisexuality to team up and make a larger community celebration. The response was enthusiastic and so Unicorn pARTy was born!

Events like that are more than necessary. According to “The Bisexuality Report” “Of all the larger sexual identity groups, bisexual people have the worst mental health problems, including high rates of depression, anxiety, self harm and suicidality.  . Bi+ people are often portrayed as untrustworthy, devious, doing it for attention, or just on their way to being gay.

Kai Hazelwood is the mastermind behind the first bisexual led and focused arts collaborative in the world: Good Trouble Makers. Over the last 5 years her community of bi+ movement artists has grown to 12 members. Under the title inVISIBLE, they have created 4 dance theatre works about bi+ identity, hosted 5 bi+ community storytelling workshops, and 2 bi+ story silent discos. In recognition of her work leading the collaborative Kai was named an artist in residence for the city of Los Angeles. Good Trouble Makers are artist-agitators based in Los Angeles and working internationally. Inspired by the words of John Lewis, they are committed to; making art, making room, making change, making good trouble.

Kai Hazelwood
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