Get you some “Braid N’ Shine”

Nairobi Professional

 Braids, Locs, Twists & Ponytail Extreme Control Gel
(The “Must-Have” Product for your “Natural Hair” Arsenal)

Attention all professional braiders and barbers, loc, or twist wearers; Nairobi Professional has created Braid N’ Shine” gel, especially for you. Designed to work on any hair texture, such as beards, braids, ponytails, locs, or twists, Braid N’ Shine is made with premium ingredients, is easy to apply, keeps hair silky, gives a sleek look, and provides a solid hold without stickiness.  Braid N’ Shine also eliminates frizzies, flakiness, humidity shrinkage, white residue, and smelly odors, significant concerns for those who regularly rock natural styles.  This high-quality product nourishes the scalp, provides deep hydration, and promotes healthy hair growth, all while delivering maximum control.  Braid N’ Shine is enriched with extracts from potent CBD oils, aloe plants, and avocados, providing long-lasting styles without build-up.  It delivers hair re-workability for today’s on-the-go professionals and supplies maximum shine without alcohol or greasiness, which can be considered a time-saver or a modern-day “magic potion.”  Braid N’ Shine is an excellent product for hair extensions too.



  • Natural CBD Oils
  • Avocados to add instant aqua-fusing hydration and jump-start moisturizing conditioners
  • Aloe to encourage healthy hair growth
  • Prevents itchy scalp
  • Reduces dandruff

SIZES:  4 oz (114 G) ℮ or 16 oz (450 G) ℮


NAIROBI Professional is a hair care brand developed for professional use with experienced hairstylists and barbers in mind, which is why the brand has a 30-year reputation as a premium hair care manufacturer. Over 350,000 professional hairstylists and barbers use the NAIROBI Professional brand internationally, and 100% of their clients’ feedback is exceptional.

The NAIROBI Professional family of products continues to set industry standards and trends while supplying extensive educational programs to professional hair care providers worldwide.  With the primary goal of always creating the blueprint for the hair care industry,  NAIROBI Professionaleaves no professional behind.  NAIROBI Professional Relaxers, Conditioners, Shampoos, Wet Styling, and Finishing products are top-shelf salon staples.

NAIROBI houses five other hair care lines:  Pamper, Recovery, Kool Player, Tru Colors, and

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