Get to Know Canecia “NeeBaby” Boyd

Canecia "NeeBaby" Boyd

Every now and then we meet someone who inspires us to change something. It can be as simple as the way they said hello. Something about the interaction leads you the individual to decide to change something you do or how you do it. Let me introduce you to my someone!

Meet Canecia “NeeBaby” Boyd, Founder and Owner of the Stupid Stud LLC. Like many black creatives, NeeBaby took to TikTok at a time when the world was simply looking for a reason to smile and after six months she is now sharing her Comedy with 500K+ TikTok supporters, followers, and fans. Yep! She’s that good inside and out.

What makes NeeBaby’s road to fame such a great story is all of the struggles she was dealing with behind the scenes. One of the most loved components of her Comedy is the many character personas she takes on. Many see it as good ole fashion laughs but to NeeBaby it’s all about healing. She has been very vocal about her battle with mental illness and admits that the personas are a part of her bipolar disorder. She has found a clever way to cope while sharing her talents with the world.

In addition to Mental Health Awareness, NeeBaby recently disclosed that she has been cancer-free for the last four months; a journey no one but her family knew she was on. Take a moment and reflect on the strength she has been given to deal, heal, and use it to entertain.

Her story is not only an inspiration but a testament to the power of a good laugh.

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