Get to Know By Grace (BG) Promotions

What started as a love of photography and being around others turned into a career for Felicia McCoy when she needed it the most. For the past 12 years, Felicia has been finding her joy through helping others with her digital media company, By Grace (or BG) Promotions. “I have a passion to help others with what I know,” she said.

The company, located right outside of the Atlanta area in Conyers, has only one employee: Felicia. She has taught herself all of the services she offers to her clients, including web design, photography, and video editing. However, Felicia didn’t always have a robust small business – in the mid-2010s, she was plagued by financial issues that kept hindering the success of BG Promotions. While she still offered services, her attention was focused on other things.

Then, she took classes to learn about digital marketing and web design. BG Promotions gained clients looking to up their digital game. In early 2020, when local business started to see a drop in revenue, BG Promotions lost more than 60% of its clients.

“It really took me for a loop,” Felicia said. “Things had been going so well, and all of a sudden, it came to a halt.”

BG Promotions recently received a grant from the NGLCC and UPS that will allow her to purchase subscriptions to services through the end of the year to help her clients operate websites and edit logos. Between lessened restrictions and the grant money, Felicia and BG Promotions are back up and running.

“I’m self-motivated and it is my passion to give to my clients what their needs are, no matter what that is,” she says.

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