Get that “Boost” for your Bulge.

e4d9036220e11e6d30f5f4837bd916ceThe eyes go right to the crotch! Get that Brilliant Bulge! Get a little “boost” for your package with STEALTH FOR MEN. STEALTH is spot on for all guys, giving you a slightly subtle but striking bulge without doubt the most unique and effective male enhancement underwear on the market. Go into #STEALTHMODE when you’re out and about or clubbing it up~ your confidence and your John Thomas aka todger aka pecker will be #Dench!

How does it work? STEALTH lightly stretches your penis to give it a longer appearance while adding plenty of girth as well. When worn regularly, the device actually trains the penis to hang longer naturally and reduce turtling. Many of the customers who wear Stealth daily are reporting back permanent flaccid and erect gains. The Stealth Corkscrew (an additional component to the Stealth Pack) is designed to be worn on top of the Stealth inner wear for an active all-day stretch. It target inner ligaments of the penis to gain length faster.10390255_1573599759533231_5733777394543733428_n

Stealth was created to eliminate “turtling” (retraction or shrinkage of the penis). As there was nothing else on the market that approached this problem in a realistic manner, the Stealth Innerwear was conceived and developed over a period of years. Once it became clear that the design was highly effective and could help other men feel more masculine, it then evolved into the current 99 sizes that is sold on the website.

The inventor then started expanding the Stealth line to new products such as the Corkscrew to address the various needs of Stealth users. Although born and raised in Canada, he spent a few decades exploring Asia and was therefore well positioned to set-up manufacturing facilities in China where he now spends 6-8 months a year overseeing production and developing new products.

Check out the website for more info and Follow on TWITTER @StealthBulge


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