Gay Men Talk

I grew up on the south shore of Long Island N.Y. Pretty good childhood. Mom was good when I was a kid. Not so good when I was an adult. Dad is good now that I’m an adult. Wasn’t so good when I was a kid.From nursery to college, I never really liked school, but I still did a lot of it. At age 18 I almost died in a motorcycle accident. Luckily I was drunk, so I was pretty loose when I crash landed.  Having no idea about what to do with my life, I did the Army for 3 years. I had a desire to help people so decided to go to college after finishing my tour. While in school, I started seeing a therapist. I was pretty uncomfortable emotionally, mostly depressed, anxious and very confused. Counseling turned my life around. I also realized that I loved the work and decided to go back to school again to pursue a degree in mental health therapy. I worked as a therapist for years with kids, adults and families struggling with mental health as well as chemical dependency issues. Loved the job. Hated the paper work.

I started compiling material for the books in 1990. Most of the quotes and experiences I’ve used in the books were gathered while listening to friends, family, acquaintances and clients as well as reflecting back on experiences in my own life.

In 2000 I moved back to NY. My mother had been struggling with breast cancer for 4 yrs. I wanted the chance to spend some quality time with her rather than showing up for the last 2 weeks of her life. I also wanted to help the family deal with her treatment and trips to the Dr.   They were pretty burnt out and very happy to have the help and support. Mom passed away in 2003. It was a powerful and challenging time for all of us.

Currently living on Long Island again and experiencing the most amazing time in my life in terms of growth and change. I’ve also been focused solely on the Men Talk Book Series since moving here in 2011 as well as my Mental health blogs.

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