GalPal App Bridges gap between LGBT & Straight Communities

GalPal App Bridges gap between LGBT & Straight Communities by Creating a safe platform to cultivate strong friendships & support systems for all

GALPAL is the new friendship app that connects gay men, straight women, and anyone seeking lasting relationships by matching individuals with specific interests and hobbies. Centered on building real, meaningful, supportive relationships, GALPAL is not for hookups or cringe worthy first dates. Making its official debut today, GALPAL is the first app of its kind, created to help foster friendships and acceptance independent of sexual orientation. The app opens the door to a relationship devoted to friendship not sex, loyalty not heartbreak, GALPAL is about trust and mutual support, ultimately aiming to develop stronger alliances between the gay and straight community. GALPAL is available for free on iOS in the App Store today.

Unlike dating apps, GALPAL connects people based on and shared interests from dancing to eating out, events, nightlife, entertainment, shopping, traveling, and more. Like Tinder or Bumble, a user can learn more about a potential friend by swiping right for profiles that spark friendship goals, and left if it’s just not the right fit.

GALPAL also offers an Advice & Support matching option, where individuals can connect and talk to someone in a safe and private context. This support feature was inspired by the knowledge that young people are often struggling with their sexuality and often don’t have access to an open minded friend or community.

GALPAL is for anyone tired of the same old matchmaking apps that lack the substantial relationships they hoped for and know that some of the best relationships are not romantic ones. GALPAL believes that in order to promote equality and acceptance, we must embrace both the differences and similarities between all communities.

Jasmine Sassounian, the founder of GALPAL, is a dedicated wife and mother of three who was inspired to create GALPAL as a commemoration of the friendships she values most in her life, those with her gay friends. One of those friends in particular, Ian Maxion, is also a GALPAL partner. GALPAL aims to provide a fun and accepting space for people of any sexual preference to develop friendships, while removing sex from the equation.

“We believe that love takes on every shape and form, we need to celebrate the type of love that transcends sex and traditional romantic relationships,” said Jasmine Sassounian, founder of GALPAL. “Whether it be between a straight woman and a gay man, straight man and a gay woman, or between an individual questioning their sexuality seeking platonic companionship, GALPAL seeks to create those meaningful connections by bringing people together who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.”

“What drew me to GALPAL is the company’s objective to bridge the gap between the LGBT and the straight community. It’s a safe and fun place for people to connect with the simple basis of being who you truly are.” – GALPAL partner, Ian Maxion

Marking their official launch, GALPAL will be kicking­off a series of LGBTQ fundraising campaigns, beginning with a partnership with REST IN PRIDE, a video social campaign honoring the 49 lives taken in the Orlando Pulse shooting. REST IN PRIDE is inviting the LGBTQ community and its allies to share their most prideful memories in order to inspire individuals all around the world to confront hate directly and to live proudly and authentically. Show your support by downloading the GALPAL app and share your #RESTINPRIDE badge of honor. Learn more at


GALPAL was founded by Jasmine Sassounian in 2015. Inspired by the value of her own friendships with gay men, she decided to craft a way for others to find the same type of meaningful friendships. As Jasmine researched the subject more deeply, she was moved by the difficulties that youths and others struggling with their sexuality face, especially when they do not have a supportive person to talk with. Jasmine created GALPAL to provide a resource to those who may need support and advice, as well as to help connect individuals of any sexual orientation with their new best friend. Download the GALPAL app in the iOS app store today. Visit

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