Freddy D Drops “Everybody”

Freddy D has been in the studio lately and decided to hit us with a new single for the weekend. Make sure you press play on “Everybody” while at the cookout.

Who Is Freddy D?

Freddy D is a hip-hop artist from Hempstead, New York currently positioned for a major come-up in the Urban Music universe. He makes strong, relevant music that’s been compared to Jay-Z, Nas, and Kanye but maintains its own original taste at all times. Freddy’s new album Extant gets liberated on September 13th, 2019, as does the music video for the track “Everybody,” and both are expected to bring him to a much larger audience. D produced Extant on his own and it was mixed and mastered by Michael Nyougen. Tough and wise, it shows Freddy at the top of his game, ready to take it even higher.

Freddy’s mother sang gospel music, his father wrote poetry, and his brother made beats, so stepping up to the mic was inevitable for him. He dreamed of being famous back then and is still grinding in pursuit of that goal. “I feel like I bring something different,” he says, “so I started my own record company and produced my own music without selling drugs, just the hard grit from an everyday job and the hunger to not let my talent go to waste. I believe in what I do and how I do it.”

Fans respond to Freddy because he’s just like them. “I bleed, I cry, I live, I sweat. I’ve been through so much,” he says, revealing the humanity that allows him to connect with so many people. He’s made the most out of hard times and has been attracting attention with his music since high school when his early tracks created quite a local buzz. Now, he’s a fully-developed artist in his own right with a real shot at breaking through worldwide with Extant. Hip-hop heads everywhere need to speak his name and start listening.

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