Fashion and Passion: Clyde Lourdez

If you missed my recent post, let me put you on game!

It’s no secret that I love me a good coat and Clyde Lourdez has a product that caught my eye and my debit card. LoL!

Founded in 2019 Clyde Lourdez’s number one goal is to pack the most comfort possible in a classic staple piece made with the right blends of fabric. From the satin lined in our hats to the elastane mixed in the fabrics we use every piece is made with you in mind. We coined the term C0M*FOR*TURE- Couture made for comfort because style and comfort should go hand to hand.

About the Designer:
Quez is a by-product of the 90s. Raised in South Florida by a single Haitian mother. Being the oldest he had to help raise his younger siblings. Like a lot of teens growing up in the 90s`Hip-Hop had a huge influence on him. From the way you walked to the way you wore your hair or clothes, it was all about taking a piece and doing everything in your power to make it uniquely yours. It was dope to see how Dapper Dan took Gucci or Louis Vuittan and made it hip hop. Hip-Hop gave these brands life again but these brands came from outside the culture. We’ve had a lot of Hip-Hop brands come out since Dapper Dan but nobody from within the community was doing what Dapper Dan did with branding Gucci. Louie didn’t even make clothes when Dapper Dan had every rapper or drug dealer wearing that LV monogram. So by remixing some of the oldies the goal was to create something that’s very comfortable without compromising style while still giving us something that we could be proud of.

Shop the Collection:

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