Editor’s Spotlight: Brande and Dani discuss UNOIA and what CBD really is!


At a time that the world is in an uproar and people are forced to quarantine we all need a way to obtain a Peace of Mind.

Having a moment to focus on yourself seems to be very hard to do these days. Though most people are home, the responsibilities are still there, children, bills, and general sanity as a whole.

With that said, I had the chance to speak with Brande and Dani of CBD Lifestyle Brand UNOIA.  As many companies promote the medical benefits of CBD, UNOIA focuses on the mindfulness it provides. Brande & Dani recommend trying UNOIA before meditation and yoga, after a workout, before your day begins, during traffic jams, during high anxiety moments, and during the creative process.

Take a listen as they elevate our thinking when it comes to obtaining a Peace or Mind and taking better care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Brande Elise describes herself as a combination of every person she’s ever met. As a co-Founder of UNOIA, she brings an exhaustive network of celebrities, artists, photographers, and influencers to the table.

Danielle Gray has always been a bit out of the box – it makes sense how naturally marketing comes to her. She has owned and operated her marketing firm, DG Marketing Co. since 2016 and has traveled the country speaking to over 20,000 people. She developed and designed the UNOIA logo, brand, and all marketing materials. Collectively, Brande and Dani are one of the most well-known couples in the South. They light up every room with their genuine energy and excitement for life.

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