Editor In Chief’s Review on “Double Dealing”

Last night, I was home catching up on some emails. I decided to scroll Youtube and see what was new. I am always looking for new content and inspiration. I came across a short series entitled “Double Dealing” on the LGBT Activated Channel and I decided to hit play.

Before I give my overview, here is what is listed on their Youtube channel,

“The Evolution of Thinking (A&M) is a thought provoking media network. The network is composed of different shows that are all unique in their own way, but all have a common theme. That theme is to help all of our viewers awaken to something within themselves that’ll move them to become better. We only want to be of service to our audience. We aim to inspire, uplift, and change everyone who views our channel. Thank you for watching stay tuned!! Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!!!!”

The show overview reads as:

Double dealing is a riveting web series. It’s based on the life of a group of kids who struggle with everyday issues. We hope to create compassion in seeing that everyone struggles in some for. All the world needs is a little love.

With the overview provided, let me get into this breakdown. The show was cool. As soon as it came on I could tell it was done on no budget. Chile the Sound was playing hide and seek. The actors were coming out of character and I was bout lost by episode 4.


  • The Lead guy is straight and he is FINE. He has a low-key swag to him and you can tell he is accustom getting major to attention. Of course, he is team light skinned so you know he is cocky.
  • Lead’s main girlfriend needs a weave because her hair is missing and her edges are void.
  • Girlfriends Best friend has a weave LAYED for the Gawdzzzzzzzzzz. She owns the screen each time she hits it.
  • Lead guys side chick, she is FINE. Her hair is Layed with a Wet & Wavy effect. She serves you Body by Day and Face by Night. She is def worth gettdownload (1)ing caught over.
  • Lead guys best friend, she is a lesbian and they call each other “bro’s.” She is so cute. Her swag is Mean and her attitude is so true to the game.


It seems as each episode is its own story. Granted, there are some pieces that continue on but, for the most pdownloadart, it is a new primary. It is very light during episodes 1-3 but 4 throws you for a loop. Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, 4 hits you so hard it makes your heart skip a beat. It is such a powerful ending that episode 5 is an all informational episode.

  • Episode 1: Funny, Cool, Quick. Rating 6/10
  • Episode 2: Drama, Exciting. Relateable. Rating 6/10
  • Episode 3: Intense, Social Media Trendy, Mild. Rating 4/10
  • Episode 5: Shocker, Epic Ending, Unexpected. Rating 6/10


Let me say this. The quality isn’t the greatest but I promise it’s worth letting it slide. However, they could use a few mic’s.


With everything combined, this series gets an Editor In Chief rate of 5/10. I would recommend it to everyone between the ages of 17-30.


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