Eddie Griffith

I was going through my stack of emails one day a few months ago when I came to one with the heading “Ken” intrigued I clicked on it, read the email then went on to watch what was to become “Ken The Web Series” I was given a link to the first two episodes and I was enthralled at the writing and the content.

The struggle of a young black man coming to terms with the fact that he is gay. Watching the main character Ken played by “Jarret Janako“ was such a real portrayal his facial expressions and eyes only enhanced the pain you felt watching him go from being engaged to a woman to a one night stand with a man and how much it affected him. Coming from a religious background only made his journey that much harder.

This may be a web series but it’s the story of real life. That is happening every day across the world and some men either ignore their feelings, or see men on the side or they can’t take the pressure of what it would mean to their community and family so they commit suicide.

Eddie Griffith is doing a tremendous job lifting the lid and showing anyone in that situation that it’s hard but it’s okay. Eddies directing and writing is impeccable I love how he’s shooting the web series, it’s a high class production with an amazing cast.

Eddie himself has worked on numerous TV shows most notably “Royal Pains” and “Nurse Jackie” Eddie wanted more for himself then just being an Assistant Director he began directing music videos. While directing other peoples stories he realized he should be telling his own; many scripts and meetings two years later “Ken” was born.

Since the first episode was uploaded to You Tube just under 4 months ago 3 episodes have amassed almost 40 thousand views and rising. The web series in such a short amount of time gives you so much to think about most of all, gay straight, black or white we all want to be loved for who we are. I applaud Eddie for making “Ken” because I know if he isn’t saving lives he is helping other young men come to terms with being gay.

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