Did someone say Sex Worker? “Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story”

Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story is a gripping story that reveals certain truths about the underground sex industry in Los Angeles. This powerful and riveting film was just released on Amazon Prime. The narrative reveals an up-close and personal look into the lives of two young women, one a runaway and the other a single mom as they navigate their way through the unforgiving and often brutal world of the sex trade in Los Angeles.

Feeling invisible in the eyes of her father and his pregnant girlfriend (Dominique Swain), teenager, Hope (Moxie Owens), sparks an illicit online relationship with her former childhood babysitter, Paige (Cody Renee Cameron). Seducing Hope with ideas of becoming an actress and a model, Paige lures Hope from her small-town to the bright lights of the big city…
Los Angeles. Hopping off the bus in Hollywood, Hope is naive to what predatory danger might linger in the shadows.

While just off the beaten path, a sexy woman, Baby Girl (Psalms Salazar) walks Hollywood Boulevard soliciting potential “clients” in a desperate attempt to raise money to make her rent and feed her child after having been fired from her job as a dancer at a strip club.

The women’s lives collide when Paige (Cameron) and her girlfriend, Destiny (Serena Maffucci aka Brooke Haven), both career escorts, decide to raise the stakes and act as madams. They manipulate innocent Hope into believing that working as an escort is a “right of passage” into becoming an actress. They then lure Baby Girl in with the promise of hard cash, without filling her in on the salacious details of each and every “job”.

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