DawgPoundUSA has Spoken…. Yusuf lied! (Shocking)

maxresdefaultThis is EXACTLY what he get. Mind you, I seen the video and he danggggggggggggggggg sure didn’t look drugged.

Earlier this week a gay sex tape surfaced, starring boxing star Yusaf Mack, who claims that he was drugged and remembers nothing of the incident. The porn company that filmed the video, DawgPoundUSA, responded to Mack’s claims with a statement which says they never drug their actors.

“DawgPoundUSA is a reputable company which has produced high quality videos of men-of-color since 2002. At no time have we ever coerced or drugged any of our models. The claims made by Mr. Mack are false, slanderous, and vehemently denied on our part. We intend to take all legal steps necessary to protect our good name and reputation against these patently false and preposterous claims.”

Yusef has yet to respond to DawgPoundUSA’s statement as he knowssssssssss just like I know he enjoyed that good good dark wood…. #Okray!!!!!!!!


In Case You Missed It:

Sometime this past June, Philly boxer Yusaf Mack woke up on a train at 30th Street Station with $4,500 in cash in his pocket. Before falling asleep, all he remembers is being surrounded by drugs, alcohol and a group of naked women in a Bronx apartment. “I think, ‘It’s about to go down.’ I needed a drink or something. They gave me a pill and a shot of vodka. I took the pill down with the vodka,’ he told Philadelphia Daily News.

Now in October, Yusaf’s name is ringing bells after people noticed him in a gay erotic film with two other men – the one he doesn’t recall being a part of after agreeing to do a porn in New York City via Facebook.

“I don’t know what y’all are talking about,” he told his friends after they brought the video snippet to his attention. It wasn’t until October 16 that he noticed the peculiar behavior of the patrons in his grandmother’s Philly lounge and his associates made him aware of the video snippet floating around. The father of ten – who is currently engaged to a woman – was floored by the news & says he had to be drugged in order to be involved in the film. “I’m just hurt right now. I can’t really sleep at night, but I’m getting by,” he expressed. “Everybody thinks I’m going to hurt myself. I’ve got to stay strong for my children.”

His children – like everyone else – have questioned Yusaf about the video since it began making its way around the Internet. “My whole life, I’ve been what they call a whoremonger. I love females. The only time I touch a man is when I’m in the ring fighting,” “Mack Attack” claims. “All my real friends who really know me, know I like females. I’m still me. You’ve got to realize that the ones that are not really talking to me are the ones that probably have skeletons in their closets.”

Yusaf Mack has made multiple attempts to get in touch with DawgpoundUSA.com (the website in possession of the tape), but unfortunately they have been unresponsive.

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