Dating Tip #2: It’s A Numbers Game

Dating and Motivational Tip #2: (from Stacii Jae Johnson)
Dating is a numbers game. If you want to be effective, use both online and offline dating opportunities to your advantage.

Why both online and offline dating?

It’s simple. For me, it’s all about positioning and having as many choices as possible. I use to be weirded out by even the thought of being as strategic with my dating life as I am in my career. But after years of dating, I have learned that positioning myself in every area of my life ― including dating ― is BEST. Just as much as I want to win in my career, encourage and support my family, and be an asset to my community, I want to win at LOVE. So I decided to take an active journey and do the work to make sure that I would win at love.

Several of my friends met and married someone they met online and have thriving relationships with their husbands. On the other hand, I have friends who have met and married men in the more traditional offline way who have equally good relationships with their spouses.

My opinion is that there are educated, successful men who want to meet me everywhere. But my lifestyle and my life in general does not allow me to engage with new men outside of my small circle.

It’s the 21st century, ladies ― there are NO LIMITS.

So why limit myself? I chose to raise my odds and use both on and offline dating to my advantage. In the meantime, check out this article. Celebrate the fact that for the time being, you are single. Be open for all things new!

If you are concerned about the caliber of men online, I can almost guarantee you that the men online these days are just as great as men offline. Trust me. But there are crazies everywhere, on and offline. You have to protect yourself in both scenarios.

Ladies, be open. Love is everywhere.
There are no limits but the limits you give yourself. Don’t put yourself in a bubble by not positioning yourself in more places so that love can find you. The man of your dreams is waiting and looking for you.

My Question To You:
How are you positioning yourself for love to find you?

This Week’s Dating Challenge:
One of the places I love going is the bookstore. A visit to the bookstore allows my mind to reach places I have yet had the opportunity to touch. Barnes & Noble is a place for me to really stretch my mind, from the magazine section to the various sections of books. This week, try to do something that you enjoy that will broaden your reach. It may be going to a museum, safely attending an event that you would normally not attend practicing social distance with mask in tow, going to a movie with French actors and subtitles, or going to the park with a blanket, your headset on, and your favorite book. And yes, start a 3-month free online dating account. Just do it! Position yourself for love to find you. I am telling you, you won’t regret it.

via Stacii Jae Johnson
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