Multitalented, Multiskilled, and Multifaceted, he is Dashaun Wesley: the Definition of Technical-Brilliance

When you put it all together you realize that the iCON Dashaun Wesley is mmmgood at all that he does! Presenting a level of technical brilliance (A brilliant person, idea, or performance that is extremely clever or skillful… brilliantly adverb… brilliance uncountable noun) that is uncompromisable, unwavering, and most of all, unboxed, Dashaun is a living example that it is possible to control the pen that writes your journey.

With a journey of coming into his own and engaging in the dance scene on Christopher St. to storming the Ballroom scene and becoming the defining example of what it is to execute ELEMENTS, and serve a Nastyyyyy Duckwalk, Class is always in Session when he’s around. Dashaun is embarking on his real-time brand expansion on national television, and we are all here for it!

Knowing all I know, I had to take a moment and catch up with Dashaun to get his story in his words told his way. Tap in as I go beyond the camera and am afforded a glimpse into the life of this Mogul in the making. I present to you, Dashaun Wesley: the Definition of Technical-Brilliance!

When it comes to the Name DiamondKesawn, it truly speaks for itself. Born Kesawn Cooper, in conjunction with the fact that he is known to be a girl's Best friend aka Diamond; you get the Birth of DiamondKesawn.The Self Made Media Socialite is dedicated to the continued Growth and the Development of himself, DKP the Brand, RAmag, and the Brands of those he will touch.Buckle your Seat Belt as it’s always a Roller Coaster Ride with DiamondKesawn. #MindYou