Can you say Daron from 112 did it???

I don’t care how old or young you are, I know all of us are familiar with the Iconic R&B Group 112. Known for such tracks as “Cupid” “Anywhere” “Peaches&Cream” and more. These guys put the ekkkyyyyyyy in Freakyyyyyy.

With almost 2 Decades of Love Making, Baby Making, Mood Setting Music under his belt, we now get to see a new side from group member. Daron Jones. Daron Jones is one of the co-founders of the group 112 and has always been a #FanFav amongst the base. This Holiday Season Daron decided to give the fans an added enjoyment to go along with their Holiday Cheer. Hitting us with “Christmas in Atlanta,” Daron Jones is reminding us ALL why his solo debut album was entitled “Uncensored.”

“Christmas In Atlanta” isn’t just your normal Holiday Album. This seduction filled, mood setting, Holiday memory making project is one not meant for meak. The lead single, entitled “Baby For Christmas” would make the ladies want to know what is for Christmas? (Cough, Cough)

Mixing a melodic holiday beat with a smooth r&b blend Daron gives you something you put on after the children are asleep and the visiting relatives are gone. (You can Exhale) I hope Santa doesn’t come down the chimney while this track is playing. LoL!!!!
As you prepare for the holidays and look for those last minute gift ideas that put the icing on the cake, make sure this album is on the list.

#RAmag, here is my Christmas gift to you from Deron:

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