Culture Shock 2015

Culture Shock 2015


A show that has grown so much,  fashion show doesn’t begin to explain what you will experience at The Culture Shock Show.

What Is Culture Shock?

The Culture Shock Show is a spectacular event that showcases art, talent & fashion from different cultures, creating a positive reflection of cultural appreciation in the diaspora.CS

Culture Shock is about educating the community and connecting new artists, musicians, business owners, and designers from all over the globe – specifically Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

The idea of Culture Shock originated from the personal experiences of those who found themselves in locations halfway around the globe and being suddenly subjected to unfamiliar cultures and ways of life.

This year Culture Shock is taking its guest on a cultural journey with the theme: “Africa Meets Asia.” The show will highlight the similarities of African and Asian cultures. Be prepared for an event that has grown so much that “fashion show” doesn’t even begin to describe what you will experience at Culture Shock!

The Mission of The Culture Shock Show

The mission of The Culture Shock Show is to promote cultural appreciation and expose artists to empowering altitudes. This event provides the perfect networking platform not only to designers, models and musicians, but for businesses of all sizes as well.5

The show uses choreography and fashion to tell stories of how culture has evolved over the years. We do this with future generations in mind, hoping to bring tomorrow’s society together through something as simple as ART.

The show will be hosted by (IG) @lalaszahands89 and @Chief_obi at the

Georgia World Congress Center, Saturday October 17th, 2015.



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