Courtney Act gets Caught!

Let’s dish! CAUGHT IN THE ACT, the new memoir from Courtney Act is out now! Babeeeeeeeeeee… Sis is TELLIN!

In the book, Courtney recounts her rise to global fame from Australian Idol to RuPaul’s Drag Race to winning Celebrity Big Brother UK and making it to the finals of Dancing with the Stars.  

Behind SHANE JENEK’s rise to global fame as beloved drag queen COURTNEY ACT is a story of searching for and finding oneself. Told with Courtney’s trademark candor and wit, CAUGHT IN THE ACT: A MEMOIR is a hilarious, often scandalous, and at times heartbreaking, peek into the entertainment icon’s journey towards understanding gender, sexuality, and identity.

In CAUGHT IN THE ACT: A MEMOIR, Courtney writes about growing up in Brisbane, Australia in the 80s and 90s and how adolescent Shane’s unconventional angst was pitted against the love of his traditionally wholesome parents.  She shares tales of the thrill in discovering the Sydney drag scene and then unflinchingly recounts her adventures into its seedier side that led her to dabbling in methamphetamines and multiple sexual encounters with a broad spectrum of sexualities and genders including straight-identifying men.

Of course, Courtney also dives deep into her wild ride into the world of entertainment, losing so many TV reality shows and finally winning one.  There’s lots of Drag Race tea spilled, too, including her shaky introduction to Adore Delano and oh, the time RuPaul blocked her on Twitter.

In CAUGHT IN THE ACT: A MEMOIR, Courtney Act does what she does best:  she dazzles and titillates.  At the same time, her honest reflections help readers to reexamine and appreciate wrong choices they may have made that ironically helped steer them toward the right path on their own life’s journey.   

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