Co-Founder of Uglydolls Debuts Weighted Plush Dolls

We all need hugs. Perhaps now more than ever. Bumpas™ dolls have launched to solve the problem and give us a weighted, plush doll that can hug us back. The dolls are recommended for ages 3+ and are perfect for anyone who craves a warm embrace, emotional support, and sensory calming.

Drew Matilsky, co-founder of the brand Uglydolls created Bumpas to give people of all ages a product that can Love, Hug, and Protect. “Giving and getting a hug is a sign of trust and love,” says Matilsky. “Parents love that their children feel comforted by Bumpas hugs after school and at times when they can’t give hugs themselves.”

Bumpas’ features include a deep, plush exterior for a soft, cozy, sensory feel. The arms and legs have almost three pounds of weight in them. When you wrap their arms around your shoulders, they give you a realistic hug that provides an all-important sense of love and security. They also have wide-open oval eyes on the back of their head to make sure that when you’re holding them, they are keeping you protected and safe while watching your back. The opposite side features closed eyes expressing that moment when we give and get hugs. “Hugging creates a connection often giving the feeling of love and support,” says Matilsky.

The four Bumpas characters have their own color, personality, and backstory told from the doll’s point of view. There is creative and quirky Shin Shin, daring and adventurous Zeek, gentle and soulful Oz, and cheery and encouraging Lucky. Whether you have a special someone, or just want to give that feeling to yourself, Bumpas dolls are available at,, and many independent toy stores. Retail $45.

Celebrities and their kids currently being loved, hugged, and protected by Bumpas hugs are Eva LongoriaAngela BassettEmma Roberts, Mario & Courtney LopezIce-TMindy KalingAmber Stevens West, and Rebel Wilson and her partner, Romona Agruma who recently welcomed their first child.

Let’s share the Bumpas love with the phrase my heart is yours #myheartisyours.
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