Chris Brown Refutes Claims of Him Ditching Gay Pride Event

Chris Brown usually finds himself in the headlines between every possible spectrum of press. However it usually involves all the typical drama that follows a R & B sensation, especially in the age of social media. Over Labor Day weekend, Brown may have found himself in a headline that is unique in to himself. The Georgia Voice a LGBT community paper, reported that Breezy ditched a scheduled appearance at an Atlanta Black Gay Pride event.

The party was being thrown by Traxx Girls, which is a lesbian-owned production company founded by Melissa Scott. She told The Georgia Voice ” I was being told to take his image down because he looks a little feminine in that image, an image that he took.  As a promoter I should be focused on my crowd. I had to send text messages of pictures of my crowd to say, there’s nothing but girls in here man.”

So it appeared as Chris cancelled because he did not want to attend the event with gay men in the audience. He allegedly was only supposed to introduce…

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