Celebrity Dog Groomer Darnell Wilson Launches His Business Lovable Paws

Atlanta-based well-rounded entrepreneur and pet lover, Darnell Wilson, announces the launch of Lovable Paws Pet Services, an innovative pet care company, to provide top-notch grooming solutions. Darnell Wilson is taking his passion for animals and their welfare to another level as the celebrity dog groomer recently announced the launch of Lovable Paws Pet Services, a pet care company that specializes in providing dog grooming services. Lovable Paw Pet Services aims todeliver an stress-free grooming experience to dogs and their parents, leaving the dogs happy and healthy.

“This business was started because of a pet rescue that I owned that needed funding to help re-home animals in need.” – Darnell Wilson, founder of Lovable Paws Pet Services. “We bring to the pet industry a high-value service where each client has their own nanny for their dog and products that are organic and in the best quality for the fur baby.”

A recent report by Grand View Research put the size of the global pet care market at $150.67 billion in 2021. It also projected the market size to hit $236.16 billion by 2030, driven by the growing trend of pet humanization and the desire by people to spend more to ensure their pets get the best care. Over the years, pet care brands have emerged to meet the diverse needs of pets and their parents. However, Darnell Wilson, a model and actor, might just be challenging the status quo with the launch of Lovable Paws, bringing together his love for dogs and experience in the pet care industry to deliver an unmatched grooming experience to dogs.

Lovable Paws offers one-on-one doorstep dog grooming service, with Darnell coming straight to the home of clients to provide their dogs with an impeccable experience. The company provides professional, essential services and products to the pet community. It also aims to create a platform for members to connect and share vital information for a better understanding of their pets. Lovable Paws is also charity donating, and volunteering for organizations Like Mamma Speaks 4 Me for autism awareness against sexual abuse with the use of therapy dogs, as Darnell brings to the fore his years of experience working with several non-profit dog rescues as well as grooming shops, boarding, and veterinary care.

Before establishing Lovable Paws, Darnell Wilson has also been a pet lover. He took an interest in the veterinary medicine field at the age of 7 and participated in a shadowing program that allowed him to follow the doctors and staff at Morrison Animal Hospital after volunteering for a year while in high school. Darnell became a kennel tech at Morrison, starting a pet rescue (Love For Pups) at 18.

For more information: www.lovablepawspet.com

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