Candy Bleakz Shapes Up for Growth and Evolution in “Better Days” EP

Candy Bleakz - Better Days

Chocolate City’s trailblazing artist Candy Bleakz is set to dazzle fans with her latest musical endeavor, the electrifying EP “Better Days”. Infusing indigenous Hip Hop with the pulsating rhythms of Afro-Pop and Amapiano, Candy Bleakz showcases her unparalleled talent and artistic evolution in this highly anticipated release.

The “Better Days” EP comprises eight tracks, each representing a chapter in Candy Bleakz’ journey of growth and self-discovery since her groundbreaking debut project, “Fire EP”. It is a testament to Candy Bleakz’ bold, self-assured, and ambitious exploration of self. “Debe” ft. Bloody Civilian, and “No Worry” off the EP, showcase Candy Bleakz’ dynamic musical prowess and lyrical dexterity. “Debe” exudes an irresistible energy, combining Candy Bleakz’ signature flow with the melodic vocals of Bloody Civilian to create a chart-topping hit. Meanwhile, “No Worry” captivates listeners with its infectious beats and introspective lyrics; soul-stirring anthem that radiates positivity and resilience.

Collaborations with industry heavyweights such as leading songstress SimiBloody Civilian, English rapper DTG, fellow Street-Pop artist Bella Shmurda, and Rap veteran Vector further elevate the EP’s sonic landscape, infusing it with a diverse array of sounds and influences.

Candy Bleakz invites listeners to join her on a musical journey that promises to uplift and inspire, and she is eager to share more new music soon. 

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