“Call For The Truth”

Utilizing over 30 years of experience as a shamanic guiding force and healer, LaOta Rassoull has written her newest book “Call for the Truth”. This resource is designed to guide readers to finding and speaking their truths, through unwavering respect and honor for the laws and principles of creation.

“I was inspired to write this book because of the absence of the hero within us,” Rassoull said. “Who is it that stands for truth and liberty? Who will stand against injustice and tyranny? Who is willing to fight for us?

“Call for the Truth” encourages readers to understand the truth of who they are and the world they live in. It highlights the importance of seeing one’s condition and aligning with the truth instead of falsehood. Rassoull is resolute that humanity must recognize the truth of the divine feminine which will show the way to balance in the world through honor, respect and gratitude.

“All of humanity, women and children are being abused and aggressed,” Rassoull said. “It is us that we are waiting for! It is us that must stand up and fight for humanity. We are the inmates and the guards on a prison planet, destined to serve the off world anti-life wardens while we wait our turn on death row.”

Call For The Truth is a written snapshot of a desperate time within humanity’s his/her/ our-story that will be referenced by future generations to come – a future trajectory unfolded from the choices of humanities response to the imbalances that must be rectified in order to preserve our future. This book serves as a soul activator inspiring stimulation of deep reflection into the sensitive solutions that are necessary and imperative to change the trajectory of humanities collective self-imposed impending extinction. – Tarvars Of The Sun

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