BXB Love “Ignorance Song”

BXB LOVE — the nom de plume of Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and artist Natasha Pheko — has released her second single, “IGNORANCE SONG.”

Through genre-bending musical production, reflective lyricism, and multidisciplinary creative works, BXB LOVE captures the charm, discomfort, and introspection of being 20-something in the year 20-something. She steps outside the proverbial box, allowing her artistic expression to honestly reflect the world around her. By choosing a purposefully ambiguous and androgynous pseudonym, LOVE is able to explore the fluidity that is the human experience and liberate herself from the unspoken expectations placed on women of color in the music industry. Ready to breakdown personal, projected and perceived barriers, LOVE invites listeners to do the same.

IGNORANCE SONG” reflects LOVE’s ability to contain sonic and emotional multitudes within one song. Opening with the irrepressible chorus destined to be sung by future crowds, “IGNORANCE SONG” bursts into a bold, gritty alt-rock number that swells with infectious guitar, anthemic percussion, and hazy layered vocals. Lyrically and sonically, it’s an anthem that celebrates self-discovery and self-empowerment in a world that encourages us to define ourselves before fully understanding who we are and who we want to be. “It’s about letting go of your perceived and projected identities, and realizing that we just ARE,” LOVE explains. “Life is a performance, and we can choose the labels and identities that we use to express our being, without being attached to them. We get to grow, evolve, change, shed. And there’s really nothing to prove to anyone once you free yourself of the belief that you need to prove your worth, or validate/justify how you choose to express your being. It’s my anthem to a generation that is rewriting what identity means and the ways in which we choose to express that.”

IGNORANCE SONG” is LOVE’s second single and follows her impressive debut, “matrix,” which landed on Spotify’s coveted ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘New Music Friday’ playlists. The two singles sit on different ends of the spectrum — “matrix” is a soft and sensual acoustic-led track, while “IGNORANCE SONG” is an untempered, in-your-face anthem that makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs. You never quite know what you’re in for with LOVE, but the trip is bound to be enthralling and the message is always loud and clear. With all her history and experiences up until this point, this is really just the beginning of Natasha’s journey as BXB LOVE as she continues to reveal bits and pieces of the inner workings of her mind and invites us all to come together to explore the most vulnerable parts of ourselves.

Photo Credit: Sophie Gragg

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