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IMG_0031Designer: Chic, Sophisticate, Luxury, Classy, Elegant, Beautiful, Name Brand, Rich, Suave, Enriched, Quality, High End, Expensive. (source: Urban Dictionary)

When it comes to Fashion there is one key element that I call the “Silent Killer.” Nothing and I mean Nothing can slay an outfit like a Nasty pair of Sunglasses.

Babeeeeeeeeeeeeee, you give me an all black outfit with a fresh cut and a MEAN pair of sunglasses and I will show you how Harry met Sally and how Lucy met Desi. Okray!

With the thought of a Mean pair of Sunglasses in mind allow me to introduce you to Broken Celebrity Eyewear by Jacquis Rambeau.

Broken Celebrity iWear and Accessories, was created by Jacquis Rambeau of Miami, Fl. Prior to the launch of Broken Celebrity, Jacquis was designing and embellishing clothes for ten years and babeeeeeeeeee, he was known for his #Slayage. Being the fashion guru he is, Jacquis saw embellished frames/sunglasses popping up everywhere, and began to research many brands as he felt there was something missing. That something was him and his creativeness.Jacquis

As a brand, Broken Celebrity is all about mixing the “Nerd with the IN-Crowd.” I asked Jacquis to give me an example and he said, “Driving a Bentley with GoodWill shopping bags in the trunk!” Bishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, when I tell you he served me my whole life three sides of Sunday!

Broken Celebrity embodies what society considers a “Celebrity” and rebels against it.

Take a moment and get to know Jacquis, the genius behind Broken Celebrity as he takes a moment away from his current design project to talk to me.

DiamondKesawn: What current projects are you working on?

Jacquis: I am currently working on distressed t-­shirts and button down shirts along with denim/jean jackets and shirts.

DiamondKesawn: What was your first taste of Industry Life?

Jacquis: In my opinion, it still hasn’t happened yet. But I know it’s coming.

DiamondKesawn: Who are some of your inspirations?

Jacquis: Versace. Gianni Versace. With my mentors Janeiro Ratcliffe and Yusef Williams. Also the “Drag Community”

DiamondKesawn:  If you could collab with one person for the ultimate project, who would it be and why?

Jacquis: Swarovski Elements. So I could create the ULTIMATE bling collection.

DiamondKesawn: What is one thing you do when you are alone that the fans would never guess?

Jacquis: In my free time, I love to read books, and I stay researching things about Law Of Attraction.

DiamondKesawn: What is one thing you want the reader base to take away from your designs?

Jacquis: That it’s art. Just like a Warhol painting.

DiamondKesawn: Could you see yourself doing any other occupation?

Jacquis: Yes. Motivational Speaking.

DiamondKesawn:  What is the biggest misconception people think about you before they get to know you?

Jacquis: That I’m inIMG_0039 a relationship. Lol. (Is it me or did he just fire SHOTS at somebody????? #Oop)

DiamondKesawn: To the aspiring talent who will read this interview, what are your words of encouragement for them?

Jacquis: Depend on yourself. Research. Plan. Save for marketing and branding. Prepare for setbacks. Study successful people’s failures, there you will find your best lessons. Have fun and do everything out of love.

DiamondKesawn: Any Shout­Outs?

Jacquis: To the people who want to do it and scared to, the people who feel like a failure, the people with no support, the people who dream with no plan of action, the people who want instant gratification, and the people building other people’s dream instead of your own…. It’s never too late to start again.

Spoken like a true Turquoise loving mogul in the making. Make sure you fall in line with Jacquis and sty up to date with the brand at and on Instagram at @BrokenCelebrity Twitter at @BrokenCelebrity

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