Breakout Alt-R&B Artist Forest Claudette Drops Funky New Single “Kobe Beef”

"Kobe Beef is the first song I've ever written about being non binary," they shared while discussing their new song. "

Critically acclaimed alt-R&B breakout singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Forest Claudette releases their addictive — and deeply personal — new single “Kobe Beef.” Listen via Warner Records. Soulful, layered, and joyous, the song finds the Australian-American artist embracing their truth and gender identity. Alongside “Kobe Beef” comes its striking video, which showcases the non-binary artist’s creativity and magnetism.

“Cool with the automatic, whipping to my mother planet,” they sing over a deep groove and swooning backing vocals. “Cool with the damages I’m bound to get from cameras flashing.” That takes us to the cheeky chorus: “Why the heck you bringing up my Kobe beef, uh huh — told you that when I was drunk at seventeen.” The lyrics take on added weight when you consider that Claudette’s real first name is, in fact, Kobe.

Breakout Alt-r&b Artist Forest Claudette Drops Funky New Single "Kobe Beef"

In the accompanying video, directed by Quinn Cavin, fans are treated to a wondrous series of locales in which Claudette vibes like never before, giving the camera uninhibited charm and chameleon-like fashion along with each transition. The Australian newcomer was involved with every aspect of the creative process, making this a powerful statement from one of the most exciting artists working today.

“Kobe Beef is the first song I’ve ever written about being non binary,” they shared while discussing their new song. “It’s centered around the questions and conversations I had to have with myself before I could feel comfortable and safe to make this project. Like ‘why share so much? Why expose yourself? Can’t some things be private? Why is it so important to speak about?'” Ultimately, Claudette chose to reclaim their power with complete honesty.

On the heels of winning two ARIA awards (Best Soul/R&B Release for “Mess Around” ft. EARTHGANG and Best Cover Art), the new single arrives after the release of Claudette’s incredible cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ classic track “Can’t Stop.” It was preceded by the release of their acclaimed Everything Was Green EP in the summer. The celebrated release included numerous singles such as the addictive anthem “Mess Around” featuring EARTHGANG, as well as “Motor in the Sand” and “Two Years.”


Forest Claudette powers through life’s growing pains with diaristic songwriting, using their thoughtful take on alternative R&B to find oases in a troubling world. Claudette explores gender identity and sexuality, the joy and sacrifice of coming out, and life’s complexities—the asteroids and stones we encounter en route to our own outer space oasis. Music has long been a tool for self-discovery in Forest’s life. They grew up in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia, where they spent years trying to perfect their craft at high school. When triple j held an annual music contest for high school students, they submitted a song, which earned them an impromptu interview and a spin on the station. Soon after, Claudette landed a record deal. Their first single, 2022’s “Creaming Soda,” was spawned from the imposter syndrome they felt from entering the music industry so young. Themes of self-doubt and loss further molded their debut EP The Year of February. 2023’s Everything Was Green earned Claudette two ARIA awards, including Best Soul/R&B Release for their self-described “ethical fuckboy’s anthem,” “Mess Around” with EARTHGANG. As Claudette readies new music, they reflect on the progress they’ve made to get here. “Now, at the core, I want to be honest to my experiences and how I see the world,” they say. “I just know that I can, so I think I should.”

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