Black Celebrity, Ameer Natson Chef Gives Back to the Community That Poured into Him

Ameer Natson, celebrity chef, entrepreneur, and founder of the Become Creative Agency is set to launch a co-working space and culinary kitchen for Black creatives and aspiring chefs in New Jersey, a first- of-its kind in the Garden State.  

As a son of Newark, NJ, affectionately known as “Brick City”, Ameer has used every brick of life to build a brand committed to making impact and delivering results for his community. 

Ameer has executed culinary experiences for a Who’s Who in the sports, film and entertainment industry, feeding the likes of Beyoncé, JAY-Z, Queen Latifah, Oprah, Pharrell, Lebron James, Chris Tucker and Blair Underwood to name a few! After quickly being identified as one of the hottest up-and-coming  chefs, Ameer landed the opportunity to develop a show with Backroads Entertainment for The  Food Network called HELP YOURSELF! He is America’s down-to-earth chef, and has been  featured on BBC, ARISE 360 TV, NBC and BET. 

More importantly, Ameer has used his experiences traveling the world to focus on what is  needed most in communities that resemble where he has come from. Ameer founded Become Creative Agency, a full-service creative and marketing agency that hires local talent from inner  city communities. 

Ameer Natson believes that his story is proof that success is NOT about resources or  circumstances. He says, “I graduated from the school of hard knocks with a degree in  perseverance. It’s about being resourceful and creative. It’s about the conviction to charge  ahead in spite of the challenges and critics. My commitment is to communities that look like  mine and to the young people who may have been told they were never enough. I want my  

communities, my Black communities to know we are rich with innovation and talent and my  young people to know that the sky is the limit.” 

Last summer during the COVID19 pandemic, Ameer partnered with the World Central Kitchen,  Chefs For America and Chef José Andrés to donate and distribute more than 67,000 meals  throughout the city of Newark, NJ. This past Thanksgiving, Ameer and team got to work again  and prepared and delivered more than 5,000 meals as part of his annual 5000 Thankful Souls  Community Thanksgiving program, an initiative he has led for several years. 

This Spring, Ameer will open “Become” a creative co-working space for Black and Brown  creatives. This space will include a media room, a recording space, and a kitchen where the  genius of culinary imagination can expound.  

“My dream is to ensure that my community, our communities are reliant and self-sufficient. I  can’t wait to open the doors and help people turn their dreams and aspirations into reality.”  Ameer says.



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