Bi: The Webseries S2 Epi. 3 Bi-gamy

David J. Cork with all his Fineness.

David J. Cork with all his Fineness.

Here it is. Episode 3 of Bi is here for us and it is back to basics. I say back to basics because in this episode we are taken back to a story. Not just any story, but a story that makes sense.

With Alex dating his boss, things start to get complicated. To make matters worse he is still with the girl in Cali and he is about to embark on his date with the bartender as we remember from episode 2. We all know Alex is able to juggle many things, however, this season has me questioning, is he hitting his limit? Why you ask! Alex is doing things that are out of character from the Alex who I fell in love in. However, don’t forget were introduced to the Dark Alex who may also be running the show at times.

In any case, get into episode 3 and tell me what you think…. Is Alex taking on too much? Is the boss/boyfriend bad for Alex? Is it me or is the brother secretly gay?

(Season 2 Episode 3) Bi-gamy opens up with Sean giving Alex a proposition. Meanwhile Zack and Kai develop an interesting bond.

Producers: David J. Cork, Ashton Pina, Glenn Quentin
Writer/Creator: David J. Cork
Director: Glenn Quentin
Director of Photography: Joshua Cruz
Assistant Director of Photography: Marvin Germosen
Music Supervisor: Brandon Durrette
Actors: David J. Cork, Glenn Quentin, Alicia Brayboy, Mario C. Brown, Nathaniel Ryan, Terralon Walker, Luke Lowrey

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