Bi: The Web Series

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Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, My RA Framily. Now you know I as DiamondKesawn only give props where props are due. No Shade, No Tea, but I can’t be falsifying props.

Recently I was on Twitter doing what I do best, Tweeting and I was sent a link. Now we all know DiamondKesawn doesn’t click links. You will not crash my good iPhone that I adore. So, as usual I advised the sender to email it to me. Upon checking my email, I was provided the link to a new project entitled “Bi: The WebSeries” by: 4UBiUS Productions True Tea, you know I rolled my eyes and was like “Here we go again.” LoL! However, I must admit that when I hit play I was instantly addicted.

First off, the Lead character Alex is Fine as all get back. Secondly, the friendship circle displayed reminds me of my own. You know I had to watch an episode. Mind You, 45 minutes later I realized I had caught up on the whole season. And my chips was gone. Anyway, I realized I couldn’t keep it to myself so please allow me to introduce you to Bi: The WebSeries.

Created by David J. Cork, who is also the lead character Alex (with his FINE self). Bi: The WebSeries is a scripted series that follows Alex (David J. Cork), a young hopeless romantic, juggling friends, work, responsibilities, and most importantly, sexuality.



This series truly shows you a real-world view to the life of a Bi-Sexual male. Oh, but wait. He has a friend who’s new to being gay. A girlfriend who is Bi, Try and a Lie, ooh, and the straight friend who makes you wanna say “My My My.”

Enjoy the Journey as it unfolds. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I dare you to Press PLAY:

You gotta get into the story to get into my breakdown. Here we go. Now David and his best friend Ashton who’s not in the series decided to, wait. Nooooooooooo, I can do that. You catch up and i’ll hold the good stuff for the Qtr 1 Release of #RAmag 2015…….. David tells ALL. Ashton tells MORE. And, Glenn is the secret………. LoL!!!!!!!!!!

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LIVE Interview #Coming Soon………………………………………

Shout Outs:

Producers: David J. Cork, Ashton Pina, Glenn Quentin

Writer/Creator: David J. Cork

Director: Ashton Pina

Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Gelhar

Actors: David J. Cork, Bianca Garcia, Glenn Quentin, Richardson Pierre, Tarion Taylor-Anderson and Krystina Bailey