Bi Season 2 Debut

Last night, I got a text from Glenn Quentin and he is advising me that I have advanced access to Episode 1 of Bi Season 2. You all know that Bi is one of my favorite web series so naturally I was ecstatic to view the episode.  

(Season 2 Episode 1)Bi-lateral catches up with Alex one year later as he is coming to terms with the complexities of his relationship. Meanwhile, Kai’s actions have a consequence.

It begins with the main character, Alex, getting ready to set the mood. In the midst of him doing that he addresses the viewer with a brief hello and miss you much type of opening. From there he ends up having a conversation with the dark side of himself.  Pause…….. Babeeeeeeeeeee, when I tell you I was lost in the name. Not only did the character come out of left field, but he made no sense at that moment. Granted, I enjoyed seeing a double dose of Alex on my screen, but next time can a Bish get a debrief. 

As the episode goes on there is a lot of laughter and story development. Truth be told, I almost fell to sleep until the bar scene put me in tears. Leave it up to Glenn to come on camera and save the day.  Just as I begin to wake back up Alex ends up in this boring as Lyfe conversation with himself, which turns out to be a Skype call with the girl who was like the book. As if that wasn’t enough, did I mention that his boo is now his boss but was the jump off????? Yes! Catch all of that.   Overall, kudos to the team on a job well done. This episode is Ediror In Chief Approved and receives 5.7 out of 10 Stars. 

Press Play and Catch Up!!!!!

Producers: David J. Cork, Ashton Pina, Glenn Quentin
Writer/Creator: David J. Cork
Director: Glenn Quentin
Director of Photography: Joshua Cruz
Assistant Director of Photography: Marvin Germosen
Music Supervisor: Brandon Durrette
Actors: David J. Cork, Glenn Quentin, Alicia Brayboy, Nathaniel Ryan, Lauren Jackson, Terralon Walker

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