Bentley Robles has the fans in “Cardiac”

Bentley Robles

New York City based singer-songwriter Bentley Robles looks to throw caution to the wind on his new single Cardiac. Due for release on October 14th, the cosmic-electro pop anthem captures the energy of letting go of your inhibitions and falling in love with the moment. 

Cardiac speaks to one’s desire for that one solid night out. A night that makes somebody forget about all the pressures of being an adult in this day and age. Lyrics

like “might catch the subway to the moon and take an uber right back” speak to Bentley Robles’ desire for the single to have a fanciful and otherworldly point of view that made the listener feel set free. 

Completely created during quarantine and via facetimes and calls, Cardiac was produced by fellow NYC musician Matty Marz, written and performed by Bentley Robles, and mixed / mastered by Ryan Schumer.


Since emerging with his first single in 2019, Bentley Robles has been pushing pop music into bold new territory. Bold, daring, and unapologetically queer, he has become one of the defining voices of the New York City underground. Bentley has his sights set on even bigger things, and with the impending release of his lead single “Cardiac” it is only a matter of time before he becomes well known to pop fans around the globe. 

Born in Los Angeles, The Latinx singer officially launched his career after moving to New York City. His explosive lead single ‘Hellboy’ released October 2019 displayed the provocative lyrics and undeniable melodic gifts that would come to define his unique style. In February 2020 his single “Petals” caught the attention of music industry insiders and was included on Spotify’s “New from NYC: Pop Playlist.” 

Thanks to his willingness to embrace his individuality, Bentley has become an inspiration to his ever growing legion of fans. He is on the brink of becoming a generational talent, and there is no telling how much this dynamic young talent is capable of accomplishing in the future. 


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