Behind The Music: Renate

An artist of extreme charisma and uber personality, Renate is one of the few artist’ who leaves you with a lasting memory. With a musical ear that allows for amazing results, Renate is hitting the entertainment beat and the fans are paying attention.

Join me as I get Behind The Music and get Up Close and Personal with Renate (Pronounced “Re-Nate”).

DiamondKesawn: What current projects are you working on? Or, what projects have you just released?

Renate: I am currently working on my upcoming single Flashlight, which will be released soon, and also planning
on shooting a music video for it. Really excited!

Renate 2

DiamondKesawn: What inspired you to be in the Entertainment Industry?

Renate: I have always entertained in one way or another. It is a “sphere” where I can express myself in every way – Through music, fashion, videos, stage performance – affecting people. It really combines everything I love in life. I call myself audiovisual being and I have what you call Synesthesia – I “see” music as shapes, texture and colors. Play a sound and I can draw it for you. Look it up!

DiamondKesawn: What was your first taste of Industry Life?

Renate: Basically to do it all yourself. It’s hard but it will be worth it in the end. Trust your own opinion. Stay at it and don’t give up.

DiamondKesawn: What is your favorite color?

Renate: I don’t have one particular. I gravitate towards contrasts like a moth to a flame especially black and white. Otherwise the primary colors (red, green, blue, yellow).

DiamondKesawn: Who are some of your inspirations?

Renate: From early on Michael Jackson, Annie Lennox, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones then later on Lady Gaga, Robyn, Björk. Artists that challenges preconceptions.

DiamondKesawn: If you could collab with one person for the ultimate project, who would it be and why?

Renate 3Renate: Lady Gaga without a doubt. Cause her mind is constantly expanding towards incredible creative expressions musically and visually.

DiamondKesawn:Who is in your CD Player right now? Other than yourself.

Renate: I don’t have a CD Player, but I am currently hooked on Lady Gaga U.Y.

DiamondKesawn: What is one thing you do when you are alone that the fans would never guess?

Renate: Haha! I knit and drink tea. Very Zen. I have this 4 meter long “snake” I have been working on since I was 13 years old! I will get use for it one day I’m sure!

DiamondKesawn: What is one thing you want the reader base to take away from your body(s) of work?

Renate: I want to transfer energy in one way or the other. Either through the beats and rhythm of music itself and/or through the lyrics. To keep reminding to push through no matter how hard life can be.

DiamondKesawn: Could you see yourself doing any other occupation?

Renate: I would do them all if I had the chance! Anything from dog-walker to fashion designer. Hoping for a reincarnation! I get a kick out of challenging myself and mastering new things.

DiamondKesawn: What is the biggest misconception people think about you before they get to know you?

Renate: That I am very social. I am a bit shy (believe it or not) but I have learned to deal with it in social settings, so when I say I love hanging out with myself the most they are a bit shocked.

DiamondKesawn: To the aspiring talent who will read this interview, what are your words of encouragement for them?

Renate: Just Let Go, cut the Red Tape, Rise High although you might fall hard and Be Your Own Phoenix. Basically, listen to my EP. Nailed it!

I told you she is full of personality and charisma. Make sure you link in and follow all things Renate.

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