Behind The Lens with Daniielle Alexis

Not too many people can capture you upon your first time seeing them. Daniielle Alexis is one of the few who has a presence that commands your attention by accident. LoL!

Originally from Australia, Danii is the first openly trans actress to appear on Australian television. We can add History Maker to the list of accomplishments. Danii played Dana Malouf, a seductive yet violent inmate on the hit Aussie show Wentworth and then went on to play Phoebe in the critically acclaimed show The Heights.

Upon relocating to LA, Daniielle Alexis embarked upon using her social influence to expand her brand to Beauty the Beauty Industry and further cultivating the power within her presence to aid in the ongoing fight for Trans Rights… Taking a moment away from being the trailblazer that she is, Daniielle allowed me to go behind the lens and capture the essence of who she is.

Where are you originally from and what is your ethnicity?

I was born in Bunbury Western Australia which is a 2 hour drive from Perth Australia where I grew up . My ethnicity is Australian but my grandparents have mixed European heritage.

When did you first fall in love with entertainment as a whole?

I remember as a creative child being stimulated by any music, television or sound from such an early age.  I was performing to my family dancing and doing character work from literally the age of 5

For the record, which do you love more, Beauty or Acting?

I definitely love acting more than anything. Yes beauty is important to me because I love to look after myself but acting allows me to enter a space where I can challenge myself mentally and emotionally

When did you make the formal decision to pursue a career in entertainment?

I made the official decision when I decided I was ready to come out publicly. I knew being well-known and living stealth, that if I got a role big enough, everyone from my hometown would out me, so I knew I needed to take a leap of faith and come out for myself and the community. When I did make that decision, I wrote my own bio summary and I sent it to as many Australian producer / casting directors as I could find.

As a Trans Beauty Influencer and Trend-Setter, what has life in the industry been like for you when it comes to growing your career/brand?

Honestly I’m self made haha. I built my social media from nothing and always with my creative flare, I have just done it my own way and been authentic and found that it naturally attracted a fan base. You have to network, post a lot, engage, keep it fresh, and have your own individual style to take off big I believe.

Tell me about your most recent project.

Title: Secret project ( Australian documentary)

What drew you to it?

The story needed me! It needed perspective, a strong young trans voice, and a challenging counterview

What was it like working on it?

Amazing. It really opened up my eyes to all different avenues other than just scripted.

How did you balance life and production?

It’s all about being a professional, being prepared, well rested, easy to work with and ready to work hard

What do you think of the state of the industry in 2022?

To be honest we still have a long way to go. Especially in Australia. USA too. Trans representation on the whole is still not quite there. It definitely has improved but still only to what maybe a cis heterosexual male standard would agree on. For instance a lot of the roles that are still being written are all super young and trans, lesbian trans, or a non-passing trans aesthetic. And whilst all that does fall under the banner of trans and deserves storyline’s too they need to up the ante in casting, trans femmes and our story lines of blending into society as many of us do have passable privilege and amang stories that would shock the world if put into script.

Who do you think is the most influential Trans representation in the entertainment industry at this time and why?

I would say Angelica Ross or Hunter Shaffeur. Angelica is a beautiful smart black trans woman, is a passing trans femme that breaks boundaries every day through her roles. Creating a beautiful representation on screen in every role she does. Hunter because she literally changed the game for youth of the world as they tuned into Euphoria. Amazing representation and skill, so proud of her too.

If you could Collab with ANY Director, Dead or Alive, who would it be and why?

Omg definitely Baz Lurhmann I’m literally obsessed. Not only is he Australian but he is a genius.

How do you think you differ from others trans actresses in the industry?

I would say that being the only Australian born trans female in LA really set me apart. I really imprinted and stamped my name in the industry there because instead of trying to blend as an American I really shine as an Aussie.

Take us back to young Daniielle Alexis. What was the first album you purchased?

Spice girls haha an OBSESSION was born haha. I played posh spice in my year 7 graduation and my whole class was shook at my uncanny femme role play

As your career has evolved, what has it been like on the Dating scene for you?

Dating has never been too hard for me to be honest. I’m not sure if it’s because of my looks or confidence but I’ve always drawn men and a lot of decent men too. I do obviously have to demand respect like many women and keep my standards high and stamp out fetishism like all trans people do but I would say I’ve had about 7 boyfriends from the age of 18 so I’m not going to bad haha currently single and looking though 🙂

When you notice a potential suitor for the first time, what is the FIRST thing you look at and what does that represent for you?

TALL! I’m 6ft tall 🙂 beautiful eyes and smile. Kind. Hard working. Family oriented, and personality compatibility

Tell us about your Most Memorable date.

I’ve had some beautiful dates but just one by the beach with beautiful food and company is my favourite

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Oh definitely the whole Drake album every song

What is your favorite saying or Mantra?

If you don’t dream big, you will never be big

What other hobbies or interests do you have outside of the industry?

I love the underground ballroom scene. I am one of the leading femme queens of the US west coast House of Gorgeous Gucci. I walk femme queen face, realness and future sex siren. The community is so inclusive and literally my family. It challenges me and excites me and I have already one OF THE YEAR awards my first year walking. which I’m so honoured.

Tell us what the fans can expect from you in the coming months.

Keep tuned in always. I have 3 productions I was a part of, all being scattered and released so I’m so excited to share my work with you all.

For the young ladies out there who look at you as an influencer and example, what are some words of encouragement you can share with them as they strive to live in their truths unapologetically?

Honestly be yourself and be proud of yourself.  Life is not easy and it’s so common to be too hard on yourself and not think you’re enough. Look in the mirror and tell yourself everyday you’re beautiful and you can achieve anything.

What are your social media handles?

Instagram @daniiellealexis / Facebook @daniiellealexis / TikTok @daniiellealexis 

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