Behind the Cast of Cheetah In August

Cheetah in August is a riveting story about a former high school track athlete who’s distorted views on love, negatively affects the people closest to him. The journey of the main character, August, from his high school years into adult life is extremely interesting and current to the times of today. Sexuality, love, religion, psychology, and self-hate are all themes that are touched on throughout this series and it definitely raises awareness to societal issues that are often swept under the rug.

1614369_725051984290988_7062981278088965432_oIt is no secret that I am in love with Cheetah In August. One of the few indie web series that allows me forget I am watching an independent project. The cast, the storyline, the visuals are all stellar. This is a project that makes you lose yourself in the story and find new meaning in your own life.

As I have presented the project previously, it’s time for me to introduce you to the people behind the greatness. From the creator to the cast, when you get up close and personal with these individuals you start to understand just why the show is so great.

Created by Anthony Newsome. Anthony is one of those people who is so full of life his cheer is contagious. Get ready and Press Play (above) as I take you Behind the Content with Mr. Newsome.
Get ready for your Healing as we get to know Cheetah. Andre Darnell Myers was born in Washington, DC, where he honed his skills of acting, singing, and dancing at the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts. This training prepared him for a future in the entertainment industry, and he started working professionally at the age of 15, performing in New York City and touring the country in Broadway musicals. Andre attended The University of the Arts for Musical Theater, where he furthered his training and love for acting, singing and dancing. Now living and working in LA, Andre can be seen daily in projects ranging from Television and Film to Print and Commercials. Press Play as we go Behind the Character with Andre.

Let’s meet, Jonathan Medina. Hailing from NYC, Jonathan Medina continues to pursue his acting endeavors here in Los Angeles.  His credits range from film/TV to theater and is currently a lead actor in the new original series ‘Cheetah in August.’

DiamondKesawn: Please Introduce yourself followed by your character.
Jonathan: I am Jonathan Medina and I play Dr. Thatcher Anderson.
DiamondKesawn: What made you audition for this particular role?
Jonathan: The desire to play a varied and layered character in a professional capacity is what drew me to the role. The many layers to this character really allows for me to show the many sides to my talent.
DiamondKesawn: Do you relate to the character in any way? If so, how?
Jonathan: I do. His want to give in to desires and finding ways to alleviate that and find functional ways to cope, or understand the reasons why is something I personally relate to.
Make sure you keep up with the Series on social media and get ready as we prep for what Season 2 has in store for us.
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