Behind The Artistry: Martone

Catching up on music lately, I was introduced to Martone. An artist who is walking in his own lane and making the music that is pleasing to many.

According to Martone, Since he started working on music it has been his dream and his goal to see his singles and albums at the top of the Billboard Music charts while performing at the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, along with a Grammy Nomination. Slowly but surely it is happening one step at a time as he builds his Empire.

I recently had the chance to speak with Martone and get up close and personal with Martone the Man Behind the Music.


DiamondKesawn: What current projects are you working on? Or, what projects have you just released?

Martone: Groove Tonight Extreme’s Late Night Mix, Love You I Do Extreme’s Deep Love Remix T.E.O.M (The Evolution of Martone Deluxe Edition) Release date 7/17/16. Rip the Runway a single for Fashion Week release date 9/2/16.

DiamondKesawn: What inspired you to be in the Entertainment Industry?

Martone: This is something that had been instilled in me since I was young, I love to entertain whether it would be singing or dancing. It was something that I was born into. So it could not be helped.

DiamondKesawn: What was your first taste of Industry Life?

Martone: When I was 13 years old, I hosted a music video program, I wanted to be like Donnie Simpson from Video Soul.

DiamondKesawn: What is your favorite color?

Martone: Blue

DiamondKesawn: Who are some of your inspirations?

Martone: Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna in that order.

DiamondKesawn: If you could collab with one person for the ultimate project, who would it be and why?

Martone: What an awesome question – Janet Jackson would have to be my first choice. Lyrically we speak about the same things which is love – secondly because of my love for dance.

DiamondKesawn: Who is in your CD Player right now? Other than yourself.

Martone: Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Total.

DiamondKesawn: What is one thing you do when you are alone that the fans would never guess?

Martone: I spend a lot of time writing poetry, watching old movies on Netflix catching up on shows that I had missed while recording and rehearsing.

DiamondKesawn: What is one thing you want the reader base to take away from your body(s) of work?

Martone: That Martone is a poet, a lover of love and that – my music is an extension of my love.

DiamondKesawn: Could you see yourself doing any other occupation?

Martone: I have done other things while waiting for things to take off. I have worked in an office environment as – working with LGBT children is another one of my passions.

DiamondKesawn: What is the biggest misconception people think about you before they get to know you?

Martone: I am often misunderstood and separating the CEO from the artist remains one of my challenges. So may say that I am bitchy – but will never say that I am hard to work with. Most times the bitchiness is a symptom of a larger issue.

DiamondKesawn: To the aspiring talent who will read this interview, what are your words of encouragement for them?

Martone: When times are tough and things are not happening as fast as you would like – remember it is always in God’s time. Never take no for an answer. Be patient with yourself and with others – most importantly never ever give up.

DiamondKesawn: Any Shout-Outs?

Martone: To my wonderful husband thank you so much for your unwavering support! Shout of to my producer and cousin Michael E. Williams, II of Platinum Keyz and my remixer Marvin aka DJ Extreme Detroit and to all that have supported my career from the beginning. I love you.

Such an amazing person inside and out. Make sure you stay in the loop with all things him.

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