Babeeeeeeee…. Black is in Business!

The Black 411™ has relaunched in May of 2021 and they are signing up new  businesses now. They also have new features and new pricing plans to meet all customer  needs. The Black 411™ is a “Targeted Information Service” that allows consumers to use their  smart phone to find and locate black owned businesses instantly across the country. In the past  black consumers could not easily find black owned businesses. We had to use time consuming  cell phone apps, or online directories that we hoped were up to date, or that took too long to  search through. That has caused a tremendous imbalance in how we spend the $1.5 Trillion  we earn. 

In this climate of Black Lives Matter, and Black Dollars Matter, The Black 411™ provides an easy  and cost-effective tool to help consumers search for the businesses. Black Enterprise magazine  has dubbed them, “Like Google for Black businesses”.  

How does the service work? With the Black 411 you simply text or call and they do it all. A user  just simply texts the type of business, product, or service they are looking for to access number, 

along with the city or state you are looking in, and The Black 411™ will instantly (within 5  seconds) provide the listings of black owned businesses that can provide the product or service  you are looking for. It is that Simple…. Fast…. and Immediate 

There are black entrepreneurs in every field and in every line of business. As the nation and  corporate America struggles to add diversity to their marketing plans, The Black 411 makes  finding black business easier and faster than ever before. 

Black Excellence Technology Group has done several upgrades to The Black 411™. You now can  receive reports on how many businesses were referred. You will also get contact information  for future marketing initiatives. You also can pay per lead instead of signing up for an annual  plan. These are all new features that allows businesses to be able to try The Black 411 and see  how effective it is in helping their business to grow. 

The Black 411 has also upgraded their network and back office with new technology that will  make it easy for registered users to get the listings and information they need quickly.  Consumers can now search by asking for a type of business, but also by asking for a specific  type of product or service that they need. Customers can be as specific or general as they want.  For example, let’s say you need a washing machine in Dallas. You can simply text “Washing  Machine in Dallas”, and you will receive listing of businesses that sell Washing machines in  Dallas. You can search for something as macro as a lawyer that specializes in tax law and The  Black 411™ will provide a list of attorneys that specialize in those areas of law. “The Black 411  will give you listings of Black owned businesses that meet your search criteria all over the US. 

The Black 411™ is currently free for consumers to use. Compare that cost to what you pay for  traditional Directory Assistance. Currently consumers pay $1.40 to use directory assistance with  Verizon, AT&T charges $1.49, and Sprint charges $1.99. Plus, the Black 411 allows you to search  by type of business you are looking for and it will give you targeted information. With The Black  411™ a customer simply texts or calls the access number, tells The Black 411™ the type of  business, product or service they are searching for, plus the city or state, and The Black 411™  does the rest. 

Ashley Spear, Chief Marketing Officer said, “What makes the service great is that we help  connect consumers and businesses at the point of sale and interest. Ashley continued, “The  Black 411 will provide consumers a simple, fast and immediate tool to find a business when  they are looking to purchase a specific product or service. Business owners will reach their  potential customers when that consumer is looking to buy and asking for that type of business.”  The Black 411 will change the economic climate of this country. According to Nielsen’s African  American Consumer report, Blacks spend over $1.5 Trillion dollars each year and less than 3%  of that goes to black owned businesses. The Black 411 will help to provide a more targeted way  to spend those dollars with Black owned businesses. 

About Black Excellence Technology Group: BE Technology Groups is a Black owned technology  company based in Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, and New York that is looking to help provide economic growth thru technology. The company was initially founded in 2006. For more information go to

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