Are You the Next LGBT version of Matthew Noszka??? Open Casting for Caucasian Talent

Upcoming Web Series seeks talent:

Fabian Holland
 – Caucasian Male, 6 feet tall, athletic (Somewhat muscular, not too much) , without body hair . Sexy face, and a white smile. I prefer if he has no tattoos, and that he doesn’t have any piercings. He is the owner of OVERLOOK PLUMBING and lives in the exclusive subdivision Fair Croft. Recently he ended his eight-year relationship between longtime lover Andre Jackson, after finding him in a compromising position with another man. He is the proud father of twelve year’s old Riley Holland, who Is having separation anxiety as he wants Andre to come back home

West Humphries – mixed raced black and white Black hair withbrown eyes, 5 feet 11 athletic build extremely buff moderately harry and sexy all over.  Tattoos cover 1 right arm as a sleeve. He’s an Ex-con recently released from prison for vehicular homicide. He is extremely intense/masculine. In One moment he can be wonderful the next unpredictable. He’s ruff and always on the look-out expecting someone to hurt him. Strangely as he doesn’t want people to know his sexuality, he wants to be with Six Clifford.  All though Six has gone on with his life, West comes back in vengeance.hbz-hot-guys-on-instagram-04

Kendra Faye–  Caucasian Female Pleasing and attractive to the eyes. 5/7 in height and voluptuous and could be considered a seductress she in bodies sex appeal.  Kendra has an urban dialect and is extremely graceful and intelligent. She holds the position as the top Radio Personality for Hot 97 and is known throughout the city as a socialite to the community. Although fearful uncertain and has a tendency to worry, she is generally trusting sympathetic and friendly. After a painful divorce, she doesn’t dare imagine repeating the same relationship and desperately wants her sister Kim, Faye, to be just as aware as she is engaged to movie director Jason Godfrey. Kendra is also a resident of the Fair Croft subdivision, where her longtime friend Fabian Holland resides.

Kim Faye–  Caucasian Female Mid 20’s, ex model turned Marketing Executive is engaged to film Director Jason Godfrey.  Kim stands at 5/8 with an air of carefree confidence that is most noticeable in her serene brown eyes outlined with a dash of kohl. Soft face with rounded cheek bones, proportionally slim nose, high trimmed brows, soft pouty pink lips, and rounded chin is complimented by her easy, charming smile.   As looks are deceiving, she suffers in silence from Bipolar and hides her condition so that she will not do anything drastic as she feels KNOW one will understand, not even her sister Kendra. After loosing both parents, her life altered and she has never been the same and now she can break at any time.

Andre Jackson –  Caucasian Male Mid 30’s black hair, dark eyes 6/1 athletic. Recently Fabian ended his eight year relationship with Andre after he was caught having an affair with Six Clifford, whom is secretly having an affair with Ex- convict West Humphries. Andre works for the state as a Probation Officer in which his role is to help an offender to serve a sentence in the community without the need for imprisonment. Although Andre is compassionate he doesn’t learn from his mistakes as quickly as he should. Although he would like to go on with his life with Six, he secretly misses Fabian and their adopted son Riley. An unfortunate mysterious outcome occurs and Andre’s world will soon collide in a beastly way as West Humphries will have to appear before him as he will be his probation officer.  He doesn’t know West Humphries and has NO idea the sad outcome that is about to shake the foundation of his life.

Six Clifford –  Caucasian Male 6 feet early 30’s, skin fade brown eyes and is sculptured. Six, is sexy and an introvert, but contrary to what most people think his shyness has an element of apprehension, nervousness and anxiety.  He is excited by being alone and strangely is drained by being close to other people.  He loves being on the border, but doesn’t distinguish that he self sabotages things with his mysteries that he holds.Years before West and Six were in a car wreck that killed a pedestrian. West took the wrap for the homicide and received a four year prison sentence.  Although he loves Andre, he has been secretly writing West Humphries while in incarcerated during which he met Andre and decided that he wanted a better life for himself When West is released after four years the unbelievable happens and lives are altered forever!

If you would like to submit to ANY of the Roles, email and I will send your name in to be contacted. Please send, Headshot, Reel (if you have one), Acting Resume ( if you have one). Beginners are accepted, with an amazing executable skill.


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