Anthony Starble Takes You On An Emotional Journey With Single “Oh Father”

Highly talented and classically trained, Anthony Starble puts himself out there with a raw lyrical ballad. Proving his ability to take a stand and showing his determination, “Oh Father” is the first single off his debut EP We Need to Be Loved. In addition to the powerful single, Starble is showing fans his deeper side, with the gripping video for “Oh Father” which tugs at the heartstrings.

“Oh Father” has a delicate opening of Anthony Starble on the piano singing his anguished and affecting lyrics. Starble has an innate ability to speak from the heart, delivering emotional and engaging songs that leave fans reaching for tissues. Vocally, he shines with his velvety voice, which fluidly soars gently through each line. In “Oh Father” he speaks of the battle of coming out to his father and his fear of not being accepted as gay, as he begs his father “not to make him lie” and understand that he is “not a disease”. The video features Starble being coached by his father in the boxing ring and exhibits the pressure of living up to his father’s high expectations. The video ends with flashing back and forth from their father-son relationship to Starble and his male lover. From scene to scene, the anguish within Starble continues to develop as he pleads for his father’s approval and reminds him that they’re a part of each other. “Oh Father” is a reminder that although sexuality is becoming more accepted, people still have negative beliefs that remain thriving. Anthony Starble sets a good example of the courage that any person, gay or straight, will have to find within themselves in at least one point in their life.

From the small town of Evergreen, Colorado, Anthony Starble has been creating music since he was a young child. As he grew up, he was distinguished for being both gay and overweight. Starble took refuge from being bullied through creating music. He began to excel when he became captivated with the piano at the age of nine and it became his escape as he played every day for hours on end. At age eleven, Starble began winning competitions at a statewide level. He was accepted into Denver School of the Arts where he attended high school and it was during this time that Starble found the inspiration to begin writing songs at the age of fifteen. A year later in 2005, Berklee College of Music awarded Starble as winner of their songwriting competition. In pursuit to fulfill his dreams, Starble decided to move to Los Angeles to continue his education through California Institute of the Arts focusing on songwriting and composition. While studying to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from CalArts, Starble was discovered by Brandon Slavinski (Drew Seeley, Ser’Darius Blaine and Morgan Lily) who approached him with the opportunity to record his own EP, Living in Layers released in 2011. Since then, Starble has worked alongside artists such as Beck, Ben Lee and Kristen Chenoweth. His music has been featured on ABC Family’s hit show ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and is soon to be featured on ‘The Fosters’ this year.

Anthony Starble is an artist with the skill to express his innermost emotion through his music. Like a real hopeless romantic, Starble wears his heart on his sleeve with genuine lyrics that cause compassion within the listener. Anthony Starble is based out of Los Angeles, CA where he continues to serenade listeners with ballads of passion. “Oh Father” is now available for digital download on iTunes, with the video now streaming on YouTube. Keep up with Anthony Starble by visiting