“Anonymous Killers” by A.R. Hilton

It’s no secret that I am a Crime Junkie and A.R. Hilton has delivered more than a fill to please one’s desire.

Let’s talk the setup! Four seasoned killers and one hapless professor are rounded up in one violent swoop and awake in chains to discover they are part of a demented experiment orchestrated by a maniacal, mysterious captor.

To decide their fate, they must share the motives behind their crimes as they face the judgment of their peers. The rules are non-negotiable and the outcome is clear: live or die. The moral compass spins frantically as all fight to justify their lives before the final vote is cast.

Unlike most psycho-thrillers, Anonymous Killers allows the viewer to make their own conclusion about some of the choices in the storyline. It begs the question, do we really know our own capacity for evil, for jealousy, for murder?

About A.R. Hilton

Fresh and unprecedented author and filmmaker, A. R. Hilton certainly exemplifies that. He was born in a place many people call a paradox, Mount Vernon New York. It boasts both tree-lined, family-oriented streets as well as the beautifully dilapidated, urban atmosphere that many New York City dwellers are accustomed to. These were the streets that inspired A. R. Hilton to become a writer, author, and expressionist of life’s experiences and lessons.

In 2008 Hilton’s debut novel, THAT LIFE (Prophecy of a Hustler), introduced us to characters that walk a parallel path–a path that Hilton’s traveled in his own life–which led him to Federal and State prisons for over 18 years of his adult life. A. R. Hilton sought the direct guidance and motivation of black literary giants such as Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin with his intensely expressive masterpiece.

In it, Hilton weaves together a tapestry of childhood friends that are polar opposites but choose the same dangerous and fast-paced lifestyle packed with drugs and violence. Throughout their journey together, their friendship is tested and a life is lost.

After the disappointment of his first attempt at film Hilton took some time to complete his second novel “Prophecy Of A Hustler II (A War Of Souls)”. The sequel to his first novel “That Life” which he made available digitally online in August 2012 and will be released in a softcover book in late January.

In 2012 Hilton returned to film production with Amirah Films a company founded by him and long-time friend and Nicholas Cavalluzzi. They begin production on the company’s first project “The Death Of A Prince” a short film dedicated to the memory of Hilton’s younger brother who was murdered at eighteen years of age. A gritty urban tale like no other of one boy’s journey through life and a riveting discovery of self “The Death Of A Prince” has screened at the Hollywood Black Film Festival and the Big Apple Film Festival in New York.

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