Adult Time Announces Multiple Trans-Led Series and Projects in 2021

Transfixed is honoring International Transgender Day of Visibility today with the announcement of several new productions slated for release this year on the Adult Time streaming platform, starting with ‘Transgressive Films’ and ‘Being Trans 24/7’.

Following in the footsteps of the pioneering trans women-on-women film series that exquisitely showcases the industry’s most popular TS supermodels, the two all-new Transfixed spinoff series seek to amplify the popular genre to new levels of mainstream exposure.

‘Transgressive Films’ is set to release its first episode April 26, treating fans to an incredible view of thought-provoking, true-to-life storylines that challenge the treatment of trans individuals in society and the adult industry by tackling the stigmas and prejudices they face.

‘Being Trans 24/7’, launching May 17, is an enlightening documentary series which explores the deeply personal experiences of what it means to be trans in today’s society. Shot by trans creators, the first female-to-male trans performer series beautifully captures individual portraits from all walks of life – different generations, backgrounds, and cultures – giving them a platform to share their stories with the world.

“Promoting equality starts with inclusivity and challenging the rigidity of conventional porn categories,” said Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer. “We hope that each of our trans-led series will set a standard for quality filmmaking and working collaboratively with trans performers to elevate their voices.

“But, even more fundamentally, casting trans performers across the spectrum of our platform’s different series is where we can have the most impact. I am proud to see the inclusion of trans talent across Adult Time studios and the fact that the roles they play have nothing to do with gender.”

Mills noted that in addition to Adult Time’s trans-specific projects, trans superstars are finding their way onto the welcoming sets of ‘traditionally’ cis gender productions, and their onscreen presence in starring roles for studios such as Pure Taboo and Burning Angel is changing the face of modern adult film.

“The most important thing we are doing is being inclusive of trans performers across our various existing studios,” added Mills. “We aim to feature more trans talent and are currently lining up projects that elevate their visibility across a variety of different genres and themes… and this is what trans performers are really campaigning for.”

As for Season Two of Transfixed, fans won’t have to wait much longer for their fix: Mills reports that she recently completed shooting an all-new episode, ‘The Muse’ starring Daisy Taylor and Siri Dahl, set for release in the coming weeks.

In honor of International Day of Transgender Visibility, Adult Time will be donating all of the  Devils TGirls & Transfixed studio revenues generated on March 31st to the National Center for Transgender Equality at to assist in funding the non-profit’s mission of elevating the visibility and social/political power of trans people and their allies.

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