About Him Episode 1, the Recap

Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, let me get you all up in this Kool-Aid with 6 Cups of Sugar, 1 Cup of Lemon Juice, 6 Pineapple Slices, and 48 Sour Patch Kids. Saturday, Henderson Maddox held the private screening and cast meet and greet for the “About Him” series. The turnout was great but I was unable to stay for the screening. However, since Henderson loves RAmag he emailed me access before it went LIVE.


Here is your official Editor In Chief Breakdown:


The cast was drop dead gorgeous. This is a show that is not slim on the eye candy.


Yes, Gawd Chile! When I tell you, Author, Tyson Anthony wrote this story in the name of Ooh La La. The character elements draw you in and force you to pick a side. Do you pick the straight brothers side who is annoying? Do you pick the confused brother who is starting to accept his sexuality with reference to him liking the same sex? Or, do you choose the brothers best friend who has the secret that takes the episode from Good to Off The CHAINNNNNNNN?


This series was shot with great video quality and good sound. Lord knows I was tired of everybody being muffled on every scene like in some of the other shows.


I rate Episode 1 a 10/10 and you know I rarely give a 10 but Signal 23 TV has done it. After you pressplay and watch it, tell me this! Which character do you relate with the most?

About Him:

A scripted series about a young man trying to find himself and love in a confused stage in his life where he is struggling with his sexuality. Set in the 90’s the series starts off with Damien finding himself in comprising positions with his brothers best friend, Vincent.

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