A New take on 30!


Who’s ready for what I am calling the indie version of Sex and the City meets Living Single? Catch these Teas!

“30” is a 45 minute long Houston based television pilot that highlights the dynamics between a trio of best friends. Based on the book “She’s Just Not That Into You” by queer author Aryka Randall, “30” tells a comedic story of love, friendship, and spiritual growth after turning 30 everyone can relate to.

Sonie Black narrates the story while reading through the pages of She’s Just Not That Into You. The book itself covers relationships, self-awareness, and the “twin flame” concept. Throughout the pilot, a series of events take place that forces each character to look at the realities of the choices they have made up until that point.

“30” is fresh, honest and candid. The series sets the tone for dialogue on a number of topics surrounding the culture of women in their 30’s. Capturing the essence of sisterhood and self-preservation is the bottom line for the cast and crew of “30”. From divorce to life decisions pertaining to career, each character is given the opportunity to overcome challenges that come with the end of adolescence.

Sonie Black (played by Aryka Randall) is a 30-year-old photographer originally from Los Angeles California. Sonie attended college at the University of Houston Texas where she met her best friend Brooklyn. Throughout the duration of the series, Sonie struggles with getting past an ex-girlfriend who ended their relationship unexpectedly. While her career is thriving and her friendships are great, she struggles with moving to a headspace where the past is no longer relevant. Sonie interacts with a multitude of love interest throughout season one. #SipsTea

Carmen Cruz- Uthman (played by Whitney Hicks) is a 30-year-old image consultant from Houston Texas. She attended the Texas State University where she majored in fashion merchandising. After starting her own company, she became a well-known stylist throughout Houston. Carmen met her husband Chris in High School. The two wed one year after graduating. Carmen battles with the idea of ending her marriage throughout the season because of her curiosity in regards to what life holds for her outside of her marriage. She’s on a mission to find her identity outside of being a wife.

Brooklyn Sanchez (played by Angelita Cardenas) is a 32-year-old Real Estate agent originally from Austin Texas. Throughout the first season of “30”, Brooklyn struggles with finding a new career that is in line with her personal goals of becoming a creative director. Unfazed by women who are drawn to her dual nature and successful career path, Brooklyn is focused on becoming a happier person and attaining her dreams. In season one, Brooklyn begins to make steps towards personal growth while shedding toxic old habits and


Will Art imitate Life? I guess we will wait and see.

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